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Beautiful pictures! What kind of lenses did you use to get these shots?

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Very nice Mole, you and that new camera seem to be getting along just fine, nice sharp images, love the drops on the Daisies


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Lovely series! I like the Fritillary that shows a bit of both sides of the wings, it's always interesting to see the difference in the sides. As far as the orange sulfur, all of the shots work for me.

Love the daisies though I'd probably try to lighten the white petals a bit - they look a little too grey for my taste (not surprising for such a bright flower).
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Great butterfly shots again Mole. Love the head on eating shots !

Of the Fritillary I prefer the first shot, I like the angle of the wings and, whilst trying to work out exactly why I preferred #1 to #2, I realised that the head is closer to the lower left cross of the Rule of Thirds whereas #2 is plum centre.
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Terrific photos with great DOF.

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Originally Posted by mole View Post
Butterflyweed is well-named! Here is an Orange Sulphur enjoying the abundant nectar...

(any preferences among the different poses?)
Hey mole,
another great series! I think I like #2 of the Orange Sulphur.
Nice DOF and composition.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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What can I say but yet another fantastic series. I just love the photos of the daisies with the dew on them.

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As others have already said, this is another wonderful series Mole. The orange sulphur seems to be misnamed, as it appears to be green. I sit orange in another stage of its life cycle, or is my monitor really that far off?

I also love the dew-covered daisies.
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I like the "sunny" black-eyed susans (some of the very first pictures), where the sun seems to hit the center black part just so and make them gleam a little bit.

I really like the Great Fritillary pictures too, and all the dragonflies- they are each so different and you can see them so clearly! And the deer at the end is awesome!! I like the expression on her face. These are great :-)
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Amy - So glad you enjoyed these! Nearly all of these were taken with my sigma lenses - either the Sigma 105 macro or the Sigma 70-300 APO semi-macro. Latter lens is not much good (for me) at distance shots, but is sharp and clear for close-up insect work.

Hans - Thanks so much. Yes, I am slowly learning the new camera...

Harriet - Thanks for the feedback on the butterflies - very helpful! Daisies didn't look grey to me, but my monitor may need adjusting.

Kevin - Thanks for the very helpful comments!

Ed - So glad you liked them!

GW - Thanks so much for taking time to comment - I appreciate your help (and will continue to pray for your complete recovery...)

Keith - Thank you! Glad you liked the wet flowers - we have plenty of foggy dawns giving plenty of chances for wet flower pictures by morning light. Will have to try to find time to visit some more damp fields soon.

MtnMan - Orange sulphurs seem to have a range of colors - the males are usually much brighter and more "orangey" than the females. This was a rather faded female.

BlueSky - Thanks for your very kind and specific comments!
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