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Originally Posted by Goldwinger View Post
... At 1/125th I'd get about half the frame exposed starting from the top down. At 1/180th I would see only a small fraction of the frame exposed at the very top of the frame. Really weird.

I'm thinking that . . . if the image going through the lens gets inverted, and if they program the sensor to be read from the top down, then the image is read from the sensor from the bottom up. So if there is a delay in the flash firing, maybe the sensor is starting to read the bottom of the image before the flash has a chance to contribute to the image. By the time the flash fires, the image is half read so the rest (top) gets recorded with the flash contribution?

Don't know. Just conjecture. But seems plausible to me.

I once heard someone say that this can be used to advantage. When taking a picture of someone that you want to light up with flash, but want to underexpose the sky to really get nice vibrant colours, the camera can be held upside down. The flash contributes to the person, but does not contribute to the sky.

Kinda irrelevant now that you have the wireless triggers.

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Phil, I'm still not sure as to why the Normans, act the way they do but, if I ever find out I'll be sure to let you know.

Glen: yeah, that's what I figured too. Its just weird how the flash sync is so far off with the micro slave and works just fine with the wireless trigger

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