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Hi Patty... happy birthday and happy anniversary! It's certainly nice to know your husband wants you to have what you want. My better half is the same way.

I tend to agree that the price of the K-5 really isn't going to drop in a meaningful way until its replacement is announced. Until then, the price may slide in $20-25 increments and even rise a bit occasionally depending on the season. You know, two steps forward, one step back.

B&H has the K-5 at $1299 with free shipping until July 2. That's this Saturday - but remember you can't order from B&H from Friday evening until 9:30pm ET on Saturday. I say, given your husband's position on this, that if it's the K-5 you want, then the K-5 you should get.

Me? I'm kind of torn (and have been for a while) on whether to go for the K-5 or begin collecting DA Limited primes, starting with the DA 21. So if I hold off on the K-5 now, I can still get myself a new toy for the holiday weekend.

I have been happy to wait until the price comes down on the camera body but Scott's posting above is one main reason I want the K-5. Since I work in New York, I plan to drop by B&H tomorrow to play with the K-5 for a while. If I simply must have it, then so be it and I'll order it when I get home to avoid sales tax (which would be over $100). But if I decide I can wait a bit, I may pick up the DA 21 right then and there. After all, sales tax is a lot less on the lens than on the camera.

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Go for it, people - you won't be sorry. I have posted a number of times that it is the photographer and not the equipment that takes great pictures, but there is nothing on this earth that cannot be improved. Before I got the K5 I would have said wait or go for a lens, but after seeing all the raves from k5 owners I bit, and have had to change my tune. I would have liked a handy fold out LCD, but you can't have everything, and the IQ is worth it. I have been amazed at how much information that sensor lets me recover from a .jpg image file in pp. IMO waiting a few months in the hope of saving a few dollars isn't worth it, given the satisfaction the camera will deliver. Just my 2cents.
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What's really interesting is that I've owned the DS, K100, K10, K20, K7 and K5, buying most of them when they first came out. Of all those cameras, the only one I really regretted buying was the K10. While I don't regret getting the K7 and still own it, it's the one that I feel offered me less of an upgrade than I had thought it would.

The DS is the one camera I really regretted selling (even to a very good home). The K5 is the only camera that I've owned where I hadn't started to get a bit antsy by the summer, and start thinking fondly of its replacement. For once I'm quite happy with what I have, and perhaps I'll finally be able to skip a model. Penolta hit the nail on the head, the image quality really is worth it.
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Hi All,

After reading this thread, out of curiosity I did a quick search for UK prices of K5 body only, and so far best price averages around 900 which roughly equates to around 1440 USD ... conclusion I'll soldier on with the K100D, I'm not saying wouldn't want to upgrade it just isn't viable now. ... Jack.
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While the K5 is out of range for me, having a new body (Kr in my case) is a joy, something new to learn and master, a new set of menu's and options to tryout. Finding how it expands your capabilities and that of all of your old lenses. Have fun and get it.


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IMHO there is no question - the K5 is a game changer. Buy it and you won't regret it. Life's too short to wait until this or that happens.
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