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Default K5 in Italy

Hi all, I'm going to Italy for two weeks with my K5, and really don't want to drag around my Manfrotto Tripod. Do you think a mono pod would steady my shots enough at no more than 1600 iso? I really don't have fast lenses, just the kit 18-55, and the 55-300. Now I do gave an old 50mm Super Takumar f1.4, just don't know if I want to mess with the light meter, and focus, plus it's a screw mount so I'd need the adapter, and would have to mess with that as well.

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Hi, a monopod is a great idea, but if you want to take pictures in churches and other indoor places it won't help much.
I've never carried a monopod with me on vacation, instead I carry a small (table) tripod with me.
My favorite at this point is an ultrapod.
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3xjxZGE5cE&NR=1 )

It could be made a bit stronger but it works.

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Have to admit that my experiences with a monopod were all unsuccessful. I bought one having seen a number of posts (here & other Pentax forums) that extolled their virtues in the absence of a tripod. Just couldn't get the hang of them. They work for many other folk, just not me

So, if you are thinking of taking one with you, I'd suggest you buy it sooner rather than later and practise, practise, practise.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

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I shot these in 2001. I was using an early Olympus digital camera a 3030 maybe. Anyway, I think it was around 4 mega pixels, no shake reduction, range finder camera. All these were hand held, but now I'm 10 years older. Maybe with the higher ISO capability of the K5 I may be ok.

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I have used a monopod many times and I find them very useful. They are obviously not nearly as steady as a tripod, but are much more maneuverable. However, as is evidenced by Keith's post, not everyone likes them so only you can decide if a monopod will work for you.

I have also used a gorillapod when hiking, with very pleasing results. While hiking weight and bulk are key considerations, just as I assume they will be while you are traveling in Italy. The legs of my gorillapod are quite stiff, so I put a small ballhead on the unit. I was glad I did because the legs are stiff enough that it would have been frustrating to try to make fine adjustments without the ballhead.
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