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John is right on the money. He gave me a couple of advice and I know the limitation of my lens. What he point out in my case make sense. I am looking forward to put in practice what he told me.

In your case, you have Canon written all over you. Pboerger is right and what John mentioned all is pointing to Canon.
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I completely agree -- if there is the possibility for you to borrow a canon f/2.8 telephoto lens (and other Canon lenses), buy a body that will work with that group of lenses. One of the rebels would probably be a fine choice. The Pentax K5 is currently Pentax's top of the line camera, and it has received rave reviews. BUT, most of the reviews have said that its one weak point is that in dim light it doesn't focus as quickly as comparable Canon or Nikon bodies. For me, that doesn't matter at all, but if you plan to shoot indoor sports, that's a huge consideration.

Remember, you're investing in a system. As you develop in photography, you will replace your camera bodies, but you will probably keep the same lenses. Right now, I am not aware of any f/2.8 telephoto kens that's available for Pentax. I love my Pentax gear, and I often recommend Pentax without hesitation. But for your needs, I think Canon is a better choice.
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All that has been said here is perfectly true, and if the shoe fits, by all means put it on. In other words, if you absolutely NEED equipment you do not have - and can afford it - of course you should buy it. But bear in mind that one of the most important things for a photographer is keeping a sense of perspective about equipment vis-a-vis your needs, abilities, and budget. What are you intending to do with your pictures - are they just for your own use? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but if you are satisfied with what you are getting now and not intending to make large prints, sell pictures, or enter contests you can stay with what you have. You don't need a car that does 0-60 in 13 seconds if all you do is beat the other guy to the next red light, nor do you need a car that can do 180 mph when you never drive faster than the speed limit when it is less than half that. You don't' need more megapixels nor faster lenses if you never use them. You don't need to show off your equipment in a "my lens is bigger than your lens" contest, unless of course you need the ego boost or can afford a toy that will only reside in your closet because it is too heavy to carry. Borrowing equipment is fine, but relying on it can be risky - suppose it is in use or off on a trip just when you need it, and you are stuck without it. On the other hand, if it is sitting unused in someone else's closet and is always available (you have a key to the house of course?), then that is another story. . . . . One more cliche': What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.

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Penolta -

I agree with your thoughts. I think I mentioned that I had a D50 and 55-200 kit EF-S kit lens and some other lenses before (all since sold). I got many great action shots with that camera and lens. Parents on the teams always loved the photos of their kids. So I totally agree that you can get some pretty decent photos with the Chevrolet setup as opposed to going out and buying the Ferrari setup. Down the road that may be an option, but I am happy to start small and grow (again!). Given that I can borrow my sister's lenses on ocassion makes Canon a good fit for me.
I will say that I moved from the D50 to a Panasonic FZ35, and after a year or so of that, have come to realize that:
-it can do sports on high-speed burst, but at 3MP and minimum of 500 ISO
-You have little latitude for cropping - if you do the image quality is lacking compared to the D50 at 6MP.
-the autofocus is very slow on cloudy days or once the sun starts going down. Most shots then are fuzzy. The D50 did fine in those situations.

I am not bashing the Panasonic at all. In fact, I liked it a lot and still do. But it cannot replace even a low end DSLR like my D50 for action shots. The newer low ends DSLRs should be even better at low light than the D50.

So, back to a DSLR for me, and I will likely go Canon for the reasons mentioned previously that are good for me.
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