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Default Just wondering

For those who also shot in film for years, what do you think (aside from costs) is the greatest benefit of digital SLR has over film, and is there anything film still owns?
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Default this is not comprehensive by any means

  1. Immediate feedback. That's a huge plus.
  2. Not having to swap out slower/faster film for lighting conditions, etc.
  3. Excellent DR in current generation of sensors.

  1. Large format and MF are still very, very good for large prints and the gap is getting smaller.
  2. Alternative processing.
I will get some MF equipment, simply for artistic-specific endeavors, although I can do relatively well with digital. Now that I have the K-5, it's another avenue to pursue via digital. However, #2 in film has a uniqueness that's harder to replicate certain types in digital.

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Film negatives, properly stored, will last forever. On the other hand, if the developers and fixers are ever discontinued, then that will mark the demise of film. We are in the beginnings of the digital imagery age, so the future looks really good, and all the pre-concieved fears about file format standardization and image storage are being dealt with by the free markets. As it should be,

I agree with Marc, and especially his first point, instant feedback. Not having to wait at least an hour to have film developed and printed, at a location you have to drive to.
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Hi Bowenp,

I'm purely digital. At my level, and for my purposes, there's no need for large prints, and there's really no advantage to me in film. I still have a very nice (actually pretty beat up, but perfectly functional) Original Canon F1 and a little Minox EL 35, but they only come out of the closet about once a year to remind me of the "good old days", then go back to sleep until the next time. . . I still have an Omega enlarger and all the darkroom stuff, but it stays stored in another closet. . .

I occasionally get nostalgic for the darkroom smells and the process, but I actually enjoy the digital darkroom more.

If it wasn't for digital, I would probably not have gotten back into photography.

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In addition to what Marc said - an advantage to digital for the casual/amateur photographer is having better control over the finished product. I never tried developing my own film and discovered the hard way what a difference the developer makes with print film. I once had a picture that was printed by a good lab and loved it. Took the negative in to a 1-hour photo place for some additional prints - the results were lousy. I enjoy playing around in the digital darkroom, so haven't even taken my film camera out (I have a basic Pentax slr) since I bought my DS.
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