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Default mtclimber - Sarah has passed away

Back in mid September up in "What camera should I buy?", a person posed a question for Sarah Joyce - also known here as mtclimber, who has posted here very often - and had Pentax cameras.
I just figured that she was out lecturing on one of her many cruises.....

Well, some one went looking and found that Sarah had passed away back in April, a few days after her last post here on Steves'.

Sarah and her husband Bradly were a very accomplished couple... along with being parents to I believe 8 children.

Drs. Bradley and Sarah Weber Biography

You will find Bradley and Sarah Weber to be an unusual couple. Both hold doctorate degrees. Bradley has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and gained national recognition for his pioneering use of Personal Computers in the treatment of Adolescent Frontal Lobe Injuries. Sarah has had a rather unusual career pattern and holds a masterís degree in Geography and a doctorate degree in Mass Communications. Sarah also was one of the first women, in the post World War II period, to complete military flight training. After serving in the U.S. Navy for 5 years, Sarah was also among the first women hired by Trans World Airlines. Sarah developed training courses in Long Range Ocean Navigation for the U.S. Navy and Trans World Airlines. Sarah is also a licensed Navigator and a Flight Engineer. She flew for TWA for 32 years and retired as Boeing 747 Captain.

Bradley and Sarah have lectured together professionally for over 22 years. Sarah and Bradley have lived all over the world for extended periods because Sarah was part of the Visiting Professors Program in Geography. They have lived in the Philippines, Guam, Thailand, Chile, Spain, Sweden, Mexico and Singapore. Bradley and Sarah have both cruised and traveled extensively both on many land and river journeys as well as on 500+ cruises. They have visited over 91 countries. They have lectured on cruise ships for the past 11 years, where they presented Maritime History, History of Ocean Navigation Biographical Lecturers and Destination Lectures on Alaska, Hawaii, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, the Pacific, and Orient destinations.

Bradley and Sarah, have also authored five books on maritime history, cruise planning, geography, regional cultures around the world, and digital cameras.

Bradley and Sarah Weber bring to their lecture attendees, an easy delivery style that is tempered with lots of good humor and many interesting facts. Their delivery style allows for lots of questions and encourages enthusiastic audience interaction.
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I'm very sorry to learn this. I always enjoyed Sarah's contributions to this board. May she rest in peace.
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A sad piece of news indeed.
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Yes, very sad news. She was quite active on the Pentax board for a long time, as well as other places on Steves. Her how-to thread about flashes sure stood out for me (even though I still struggle with flash, I'm not so lost as I had been before reading through the thread several times).

I remember her mentioning that she had been a pilot, but I didn't realize she lectured on subjects beyond photography. She will be missed.
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Very Sad news indeed. She will be Missed
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Very sad to hear this news. Sarah was a great contributor to this forum. I remember reading her flash posting when I first joined in 2006. Although, I'm still thoroughly confused about flash.

She and her family will be in my prayers.

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Sara surprised me when I had posted some B-17 pictures and she responded that she had actually flown one. At that time she also told me that she was a retired TWA 747 captain.

A fine lady indeed, Sara will be missed.

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This is very sad news. Sarah was a lovely person on these forums, very helpful indeed, especially to newbies like myself when I first joined Steve's a few years ago.

I remember one time having her back when someone had an aggressive pop at her (and they were clearly wrong) .... I got a lovely PM to thank me for my support. She'll be missed.
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I'm certainly saddened by this news. Sarah was indeed a valued contributor to this forum and will be missed.

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Sad to hear this, Sarah always had good advice and knew how to deliver them in a very friendly way.

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