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Originally Posted by nhmom View Post
Might want to double check. I think you have to buy the 2 year extended warranty within 90 days of camera purchase.
Yes, it says - within 90 days, however some folks over at the pentaxforums called pentax and asked. They indicated within a year, however - if in the future it is actually honored, that is the question. In pentax's case its just a card that you keep with your receipt and there is nothing sent in to indicate when you purchased your extended warranty.

Originally Posted by JimC View Post
In most cases,the warranty registration is just a marketing gimmick so that you get on the manufacturer's mailing list, and it has nothing to do with the actual product warranty.

Most manufacturers will require a dated proof of purchase (your sales receipt) for actual warranty service, and will not honor any type of warranty card or registration without it.

Sometimes they're even more picky and require that the product is purchased from an authorized dealer in the region you live in (for example, Nikon USA usually enforces that, and will not provide service unless your product is purchased from an Authorized Nikon Dealer in the region you're trying to get service in, and that you're also the original purchaser and have your receipt. because that discourages "gray market" purchases).

I sometimes chuckle when users list gear online that says something like "includes unused original warranty card", which implies that it's just like buying a new camera.

Chances are, the manufacturer doesn't care about the warranty card, and in many cases, the warranty is not transferable either. IOW, you may need to be the original purchaser and have your sales receipt for warranty coverage with many manufacturers, and some of them will also enforce that the product was purchased from an authorized dealer.
In pentax's case its just a card that you receive for the extended warranty that you keep and send a COPY of when you exercise the extended warranty. There is no getting on the vendor's mailing list, however this would vary with the camera make. Yes - pentax specifies an authorized us seller...

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