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Originally Posted by tony3dd View Post
Has anyone traveled in Europe recently with their Pentax gear, especially Italy? I'm really worried about getting my bag stollen right off my neck. Is it really that bad? I'd jump of St. Peter's! My K5, and lenses are finally the perfect outfit for me, and I don't want to loose it.
Crime rates in Europe are generally lower than in the US. For serious
crimes like homicide, the Italian rate is around 1 per 100,000. This is
just slightly higher than here in Ireland, but much lower than the US rate
of around 5 per 100,000.

Tourists are always more vulnerable to crime. Local criminals will
be looking out for rented cars, expensive luggage or any other signs
that the intended victim is a tourist. Stealing from tourists is safer
and more profitable than sealing from locals. If you steal a camera
from a local, it will be more difficult to sell. There is always a
good chance that the owner will turn up on your doorstep with
a baseball bat or a shotgun.

As long as you take sensible precautions, you should be perfectly
safe in Italy. Don't leave your camera or equipment in the trunk of
a rented car. Be careful in hotels/hostels/guest-houses etc...

Make sure that you and your gear are insured. and enjoy your
trip to Rome.
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Default Termini Train Station

This should be fun.
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Hi all,

I had my pocket pick in the Metro in Athens last year, I was really Peed off, but before I left home I took most of the important stuff, photo's notes, contacts, non-essential cards out of my wallet so I was half prepared. The whole find the police station and make the report, ended up being another holiday adventure. Will ever let the experience put me off going again, as has been said, relax and enjoy!
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Sorry to say that I never travelled to Europe, I only live there.

As long as you don't act stupid nobody is gonna rob you.
With stupid I mean keeping your camera bag open, and simply not looking at your stuff.

It still is the opportunity that makes the thief and that is something that is worldwide.

So don't worry and act the same as you would at home, and nothing bad will happen.

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