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Default Pentax in Europe

Has anyone traveled in Europe recently with their Pentax gear, especially Italy? I'm really worried about getting my bag stollen right off my neck. Is it really that bad? I'd jump of St. Peter's! My K5, and lenses are finally the perfect outfit for me, and I don't want to loose it.

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Tony, I lived in Europe for 12 years (been back in the States for 2) and visited Italy twice and never had a problem. Spent a week in Rome and felt safe. However with this new austerity stuff coming on it might be good to contact the US state department and see what they say.
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Default comfortable

Are you ever comfortable? I appreciate your concerns, but you seem on edge over everything-camera,lens,trip,etc. Relax and please enjoy your trip.
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Tony, just relax.
Crime is everywhere and anywhere, but it is still more common not to get mugged. I have travelled the most crime-ridden parts and towns of the world (including townships like Soweto and Alexandra in Johannesburg, Managua and San Salvador in Central America and Bogotá and Medellín in Colombia), and to date haven't had an unpleasant experience.
Of course you'll have to screw on your head above the shoulders before you take to the streets, and avoid behaviour that invites the professional robber. When in tourist-dense places and towns, look over your shoulder every now and then. If you see two or more faces of young men that you think you've seen just before on that other street or square, go inside a shop and browse it thoroughly.
Use your camera, but don't put your bag behind the chair at open-air restaurants. If you go out in the evening, take a desicion wether to spend the night as a photographer or a street-walker. For the latter, leave the bag in the hotel reception and have a nice, relaxed evening out.
Poverty and crime goes together. In those parts of Europe where social security system works and refugees are fairly recieved, crime is generally lower than anywhere in the US. Up where I live, Scandinavia, it's a pretty rare phenomenon. And as always bigger cities are not as relaxed as the countryside.

If the second-to-worst happens, remember that new cameras are produced every minute. There's always one waiting to be picked up by you in a camera shop not to far away.

Enjoy your trip to Europe, we're all waiting to see the pictures!

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Thanks everyone. I know the last time we went to Rome my brother had both his pants pockets picked as we were leaving the metro. I was watching him the whole time until we turned around to leave. So I know how careful you need to be. Luckily, they only got souvenirs. Everything else was in his neck pouch.
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If you are super worried, get trip insurance.
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Tony if I remember you got the K5 early just for this trip, just have fun shoot a lot and share when you return


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When eating at a restaurant either outdoors or in putting the camera bag under the table with the strap around my leg is probably a good idea? There will also be 4 other people with me, so we will be looking out for each other.

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Hard experience in Hawaii taught me not to lock anything in the trunk of a rental car. There are thieves who specialize in watching for tourists putting things in their trunks, then popping the lids and gone in 30sec.

Since then, I've simply used common sense in keeping my camera around my neck as often as possible in public areas. With the 18-135 as your walk-around lens, weight shouldn't be too big a problem, especially with a comfortable camera strap

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Yeah like Paul said, try not to make it obvious, I had a bunch of kids stalking me in Tripoli waiting for me to give them a chance to grab my K-7, meant I missed out on a load of photo opportunities as it just wasn't worth the hassle so I put the camera away.
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