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Hi All,
I play drums in a couple of bands and I ride my Kawasaki most days to work, it's the best/most enjoyable way to get from A to ...anywhere !

For a look at an outdoor charity gig we did, see us at.


See ya

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This is a fun thread to read through.

Kjell - don't you also have cockatoos? I remember the thread about the baby growing up. That aviary sure looks nice though.

I've had a number of hobbies through the years, some more expensive than others. There were the horses while we lived in Texas (more expensive than photography), playing ice hockey (great fun but also expensive, set aside when I moved too far away from a rink). Up until recently my other hobbies were hiking, off-roading and travel, both of which work well with photography. I haven't done much of any of them this year - been spending too much time and money upgrading the house (at the moment I have a 6 week old $800 dish drying rack that's supposed to be a dishwasher). Hopefully I'll get enthusiastic about snowshoeing this winter, I've always enjoyed it in the past. But I'm so hopelessly out of shape at the moment.
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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Kjell - don't you also have cockatoos?
Oh yes! And they are there, but as they are smaller and completely white not as visible in the photo.


Name:  Aviaries cockatoos.jpg
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Quite a varied list of hobbies. Some very nice work on them as shown.

My other hobby is genealogy. At least one that I spend a lot of my "other" free time on. I do have many interests - cross-stitching, fly fishing, tying flies (but, won't allow myself to get started on that), etc. So, make myself stick to photography and genealogy only. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Can't wait until I can retire. But, I'm a long way off from that.

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I'm currently on one of my cheaper "expensive" hobbies, technical diving. Other hobbies have included mountain bike racing, ski racing (where the biggest expense was getting and staying there from England), motorcycle combo racing, skydiving, aerobatic flying (damned expensive in Britain), and I'm sure there are lots of others. Photography of course (much cheaper than it used to be with film), astronomy, mountaineering, etc.
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Some amazing, fascinating & diverse hobbies here!

None of mine so unique, just hiking, bicycling, nature-watching, etc. And this time of year, repairing bicycles for Christmas. (Less than 20 bikes left to go!)

(Here's what our living room looks like these days. You can see one of my faithful hiking buddies waiting patiently for the bike work to be done, so we can go out on some long hikes again...)
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I'm not so sure "patient" is a good way to describing that look. More like "that thing is invading my space, you are trying to take a picture and I'm trying to sleep. It's a dog's life..."
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I have had many hobbies over the years from collecting and breeding tropical fish as a young boy to woodworking as an adult.

I worked in aerospace for 15 years and so building and flying a radio controlled airplane became one of my hobbies.

I am a latecomer to boating but when my daughter purchased a house on a lake in Maine I decided to buy a power boat and let the family have the benefit of it. The family all love boating and tubing and my wife and I both spend lots of time on the boat relaxing. I also enjoyed the maintenance of the boat so it is another of my hobbies.

I do a lot of bird watching (with a Pentax PF-80 ED-A Scope) as well as bird photography and belong to a local bird club.

I also have a 1967 Chevelle convertible that I have owned since it was new and restored over the years. I did mechanical work on it as well as bodywork. Now that I am older I just donít seem to have the ambition to keep at it and the car is spending much of its time gracing my garage.

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Although I'm not surprised at the diversity of this creative group, I was surprised at.....

Rhermans - Square dancing in Belgium, really? I always thought that was an American thing, but after some research I found that square dancing has it's origins in Europe.

And Kjell; tropical birds in Sweeden..... where do you put them in winter?

Very cool, I'm honored to know all of you.

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Beautiful '67 Chevelle. In '68 I bought (used) a '67 Camaro coupe, 327 V8, 4 speed Muncie, Rally wheels...similar blue to your sharp looking convert.

What engine/transmission do you have in your Chevelle ?

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