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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
As far as the macro and flash - what about getting one of the LED ring lights that's always on (or for that matter, an LED light that's designed for photo use but doesn't work by flash - turn it on and you have the additional light to set exposure by). That way you don't have to depend on the flash. But you'd probably need to use a tripod, perhaps a couple of plamps, too (still want two).
Hi Harriet,

The LED ring lights shouldn't be needed since I can shoot at normal macro distances for the 100 Macro at @ 4:1 relative to the APS-C frame and out to another 6" to get 1:1 APS-C EQ relative to the frame. There are relatively inexpensive 96 LED units for video use that mount to the hotshoe, and might provide enough light for handheld shooting at reasonable shutter speeds, which is what I want to do with the Q. I'm going to see if I can try some smaller units first (36 LED) and see if they'll work first. If there's shade, I can shoot with flash, but in sunlight the 1/13 shutter is a problem.

Hopefully, Pentax can will address this if they actually can, but I'll work on an alternative in the meantime.

Don't forget, with the small sensor, I'd be shooting at f4 to maybe f8 since diffraction would probably cause problems I can't fix in PP, so super bright isn't needed, but you can never get enough light. . .

Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day Scott

1- don't be too hard on yourself -or us- if responses don't stream in 'real qwik' .... some of us don't get here every day

2- The images are a great advert for the camera & its abilities to host alternate lenses. I am most taken with the pre- post-sharpening ones showing the value of a bit of pp sharpening

Well done - when you've done some more tests etc, let's see 'em
Regards, Phil
Hi Phil,


I realize that members here don't spend their lives on this board. At the time I made the comment, there were about 80 looks and no comments, so I figured that not too many were interested. I'm pretty pumped about the super tele aspects of the Q with K tele lenses, but I after what looked like lackluster response on 3 fora, I realized that posting pre-sharpened downsized images was probably something of a mistake because although I know what PP can do for these shots, a lot of people don't. In the future, I'll probably post one shot before and after, then the rest processed to my taste instead of essentially the other way around.

I've got quite a few premium quality teles to test, so just about everything from now on should be a bit more impressive than the DA 55-300. It seems like I'm about the only one who's doing this, and it really should be something that is given more attention regarding the Q. Too bad it's getting cold. . .

Originally Posted by hnikesch View Post
Scott, The Canon I have now has a 1/1.7 sensor but CCD, Still the Q will make the replacement decision very difficult. Sounds like you have a winter project, have fun I will be looking for your posts.
Hi Hans,

I'm having a lot of fun -- The Q changes the abilities of each lens dramatically -- the DA55-300 focuses to about 4.5 feet -- so I can now shoot a 1080mm APS-C EQ at that distance -- close to the same magnification relative to the frame as a 1:1 macro on APS-C -- then if I add my Nikon 4T 2.9 diopter add-on to get closer. . .It's such a dramatic paradigm shift.

I'm planning on taking the Q with the FA 50/1.4 and D FA 100 Macro (and maybe the Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5) to the zoo to shoot indoors, maybe along with the K-5 and my Tokina 80-200/2.8 AT-X Pro (a great zoo range) to compare. Should be interesting.

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