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Default More dust

Got another speck of dust on my sensor. This time in the sky area. Rocket blower won't budge it. Funny how this one appeared after one lens change I did in my bathroom, sensor pointing down. Was not there with my last change. How does one know if it in the lens or on the sensor? What a pain.
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Change lens again and take some pics. If the spot is still there then it's the sensor. i have a lot of troubles with dust on my K100D. I will usually take some test shots of a white card after cleaning, every little speck will show up that way as long as you under expose it (could use a gray card but I don't have one). Hope this helps.

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Practice changing lenses quickly, and also try if possible to blow dust off the back of the lens that is to be mounted.

Cleaning sensor seemed scary (to me) at first, but really quite easy, if you get the proper tools and take your time...
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Don't worry, you'll get used to them.

I just had a dust-bug. While talking pictures in a woodland area I stepped in a hole and did come (rather hard) in contact with the ground , broke my uv filter but the camera looked fine. So I tried it, removed the teleconverter and ... because there was sand on the camera a very tiny bug decided it wanted to live inside the body.
Everything worked fine, but when I started cleaning the camera at home I noticed a moving spec on the viewfinder, in the viewfinder.
It took me 2 hours, cleaning - using a rocketblower, visible dust brush, and in the end a piece of microfibre cloth to get the darn thing out of the camera.
And I must admit the sensor has never been so clean.

So don't worry, you'll get used to it.

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