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Default Eagling Away a Day

I haven't been spending enough time out with my camera lately because of pressures at school and some serious health concerns (which proved to be unfounded, later tests showed...)..... so, today I decided to take advantage of some opportunities close to home.

This morning I joined a group on a party barge for a very cold tour of Lake Catherine, near Hot Springs. Eagles were our quarry, and we were headed back to the dock disappointed and cold when we spotted this guy.....

He let us come relatively close, but these were still a stretch, even for the Bigma.

I went home to get a hot cup of coffee before an afternoon program on raptor rehabilitation that would be capped by release of a rehabbed barred owl. On the way I went over a bridge across the Ouachita River and saw an eagle sitting in the top of a tree. I stopped my truck as soon as I got off the bridge, and hustled back to the center of the bridge, just to see the eagle take off. Fortunately, his goal was to head directly over me an on down river, giving me the opportunity for 30-40 shots. Lighting wasn't good, but the angles were.

All photos taken with the K5 and the Sigma 50-500 "Bigma." AV mode with ISO 3200 @ f/8.0. Shutter speeds varied.


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What a thrill to shoot Eagles, I know just how you feel, nice shots Paul


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Glad to hear the health concerns were unfounded. And, glad you got out to shoot something. Eagle's are so lovely to watch just soaring through the sky quietly.

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A lovely experience, seeing bald eagles in the wild. I've only seen them a couple of times, but each time it's been special. They are such majestic birds!
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I'm very glad to hear that your health concerns turned out to be non-issues. I'm also glad that your very cold time on the boat was finally rewarded. I've been on several wet and cold wildlife viewing trips that were a bust, and they're never much fun. But if you see your quarry, no matter how challenging the conditions may be, the trip always feels worthwhile.
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Magnificent birds and what a thrill to be able to capture them like this. The first BIF is wonderful and the best shot for me.

Very pleased to hear your 'health issues' turned out to be a non-issue, Excellent news indeed.
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Great to hear that the health problems are not problems!! Hope the stress at school eases soon.

PS - Great eagle shots - especially the "fly-over" series!
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You have some fine pictures to show from your expedition.

I went on an eagle walk last Saturday and saw 1 immature bald eagle perched in a tree about 1/8 of a mile from me on the opposite bank of the river from where I was standing. I saw two others in flight but only in my binoculars. They were not close enough to get a picture.

It is a mild winter here and in order for us to have a lot of Eagles on the Merrimack river we need to have the rivers and lakes in Maine and Canada well frozen and then the birds come down to fish for a month or two and we see many of them.

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