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Default Newly acquired lens

It appears that I have just acquired a new lens for my K5.

I actually bought it fo rmy daughter who has inherited my GX-10 as I've kept the Sigma 70-300mmm. I spotted it on ebay, made a bid (total 25GBP - about 40USD) and won it. Why is it mine? Because it's the SMC Pentax - M 80-200mm. I really should have realised that the M stood for manual And I suspect that my daughter won't want to be bother with manual focussing. SO, when i arrives, it'll be mine.

Anyone have any experience with this lens? It seemed to get a fairly good review on another forum.

Now all I have to do is actually get out and take some more photos! Have to admit that the first few I took a couple of weeks ago were disappointing. The K5 handles very differently from the Samsung so the photos were blurred, very badly exposed, and quite soft (Sigma 70-30mm, at 190mm f9). Not all of them but most had one or more faults. So it's a case of making myself find the time and practise, practise, practise!!! Oh it's a hard life

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For your Sigma, check to see if it's front or back focusing. My initial reaction when I got my FA 31 was that it was very over-rated and soft, until I realized that it was back-focusing. Adjusted it and discovered just how lovely a lens it really is. You won't have the same issue with a manual focus/manual exposure lens, though.

Have fun with the new lens when you get it.
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Yes indeed, great idea - check for back & front focusing on the Sigma.

Also check your exif data on the blurry photos - were you using a slow shutter speed? That Sigma 70-300 is a pretty large/long lens, and takes some careful handling (or a good tripod) for sharpest results. Mine seems sharpest handheld between f9 and f11, and shutter speed faster than 1/250.

Congratulations on the M80-200. Said to be a very nice lens. I don't have this one, but do have several M and A lenses. The A 70-210 is similar optically, and has given me some very nice photos. Remember that the M is fully manual (focus and f stop). Best used at "M" setting on your dial, and meter using the green button. F stop response on these old manual lenses is not the same as on digital lenses, so you may have to re-check settings as you change f stop.

Will look forward to seeing some of your photos with the new lens!
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