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IOW, there is no need to trash your existing .pef files and reshoot those subjects. Just download the free Adobe DNG converter I linked to and install it. It's very simple to use (browse for the images you want to convert and and select them, and it will save a copy of those images in .dng format for you so you can open them in Elements 7).
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Thanks Jim for the info. I will download that stuff when I have more time and work through it.

Also I just got a 50mm 1.4 in the mail the other day and will be testing it out tonight

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I've done it both ways - before Pentax added native dng I would always shoot pef and use the free converter to convert them to dng, and I would keep both files. It works great and is very easy to use, as Jim said.

When Pentax put in the option of shooting raw with dng I shot a few comparison shots, using Lightroom to process both - didn't notice any difference, so I now skip the pef files. I don't know if that will be as "safe" for long-term storage - something I've been thinking about at work. My IS department gave me a new computer that has no floppy drive, and I never quite got around to copying those old files onto CDs/DVDs. Really need to do that or else the original files will be gone completely. As long as the files are .dwg files, I should be all right. But some of them are .plt files and I don't think I have any way of printing them any more.
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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
What do you consider to be low cost? You may want to give the trial version of Corel Aftershot Pro a spin and see if you like it. It's *very* fast and has lots of nice features that make it easy to work with a lot of images from a workflow perspective.

Corel bought Bibble Labs and reintroduced Bibble Pro as Corel Aftershot Pro for $99 retail (when Bibble Pro 5 was selling for $199). I like it since it's available for Linux, OS X and Windows (and I use Linux most of the time), and it's amazingly fast for managing images and raw conversion.
I didn't know that. Although I use Aperture 3 most of the time occasionally I'll use Bibble 5 Pro for quick fixes ... because it is so fast. Great program and alternative to LR3/4 or A3.
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You missed a nice upgrade price they had on it for existing users. Right after it was launched, Corel had a deal on AfterShot Pro that would let you upgrade from Bibble 5 Pro for only USD $19.99 (with similar pricing for other regions):


That deal expired at the end of January. But, they still have a small discount if you're upgrading:

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