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Default Pentax K-R AutoFocus Point or center foucs

Hi All,

So, the Pentax K-R have 11 Points AutoFocus or 5 Points AutoFocus. Or on other DSLR, some have even more.

My question is should I use AutoFocus Points or Center Focus?
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Hi raylee011,

There is no wrong or right. It's really a matter of preference or possibly technique.

Here's what I do:

In AF-S, I use Center Focus or rarely Select Focus. With Center Focus, I gain a focus lock within the center ( ) etchings on the VF screen, and then if I want to recompose, I'll hold the half press to keep my subject focused while recomposing, then full press the shutter when I get things where I want them (Focus and Recompose).

On some rare situations, where I want the focused subject pretty far off center, I'll use Selective focus where I can move the focus area around. With this, I can compose the scene as I want it in the VF, then move the focus point so it covers the subject I want in perfect focus, activate AF, then shoot when it locks. I do have to remember that my focus area is now not in the center, but it's easy to recenter it with a press of the OK button. Both of these are mostly for relatively static subjects.

For moving subjects, I will usually use AF-C and Auto focus area selection, where the camera chooses the focus area to use. This is because I can't be sure that I'll be able to keep the subject I want in focus in the center of the VF the whole time I'm following it around, or I'm not quite fast enough to keep up with the movement. If I'm doing pretty well following the motion, and can keep the subject in the central [ ] brackets on the focusing screen, I'll choose 5 point as it will only use the center point plus the nearest areas that are over, under, and to the sides of the center point (so it's diamond shaped within the central [ ] brackets.

If the subject is small relative to the VF, and/or moving fast, and I'm not very confident that I can keep it within the brackets, I'll use 11 point, which is using all of the possible focus areas. Truth be told, for Birds In Flight, I usually use 11 point, and rarely have use for 5 point, though it seems like a good idea... for those who may be more skilled in following moving subjects.

I'd try both out for the things you like to shoot. If 5 point works for you, then use it, otherwise just forget it's there. I'd still use Center or Select for AF-S appropriate shots and not leave it up to the camera to choose the appropriate focus area -- this is one function where I don't like to give the camera control.

Of course, you may find a whole different way of looking at all of this, and that's why the choice is left to the users. . .

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