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Default It was cheap ...

... but it was also rubbish!

Next time I'll seek advice before buying something. I refer to the M42 adapter that I recently bought off ebay. The good news is that I had no trouble getting lenses on and off my K-5.

The bad news is that it doesn't focus at infinity. In fact I found it difficult to focus all the lenses, but that's a combination of needing to visit the optician and the stock focussing screen. After all these years of AF I seem to have lost the knack of doing it the old fashioned way.

The other thing is that the 3 M42 lenses all end up about 45 degrees off centre, if you see what I mean.

So in this case cheap = nasty. But at 5GBP at least I haven't wasted very much.

Will seek out a genuine Pentax adapter in future (after I've sorted out new glasses for me)

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I was looking for one but they not only hard to find in UK (as everything for Pentax) but damn expensive. There was on on ebay last week for 35 quid starting bid.

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Hi Keith,

I'm assuming that you bought one of the adapters with a flange that allows the adapter to lock onto the camera mount like a normal K mount lens. These are always problematic as they increase the flange-back (register) distance (which should be the same for M42 and K mount lenses), and cause a loss of infinity focus (like an extension tube would -- except to a comparatively very minor degree).

I have used both Pentax originals and some of the cheaper third party adapters without flanges with good results. One caveat is that I always remove the leaf spring latch and keep the adapter mounted on the lens so these are essentially permanent K mount lens adapters for me instead of a body mounted adapter that allows M42 lens use as they were originally designed. I personally find fiddling with removing an adapter from the body of a digital camera makes me expose the internals for more time than I'm comfortable with.

I needed another one of these recently to try a lens on my Q with K adapter, and ordered one from "jinfinance" (a reliable source for Chinese photo products for me in the past) on ebay since I didn't want to pay the going price for a Pentax original just to try out a lens that I may or may not end up using.

The cost was $14.95 USD shipped. The adapter is very nicely made and finished, and works well. Not the cheapest, but very good, IMO.

I've also used a Bower brand adapter, and found the threads a bit rough, and the rest of the build quality not nearly as good as an OEM Pentax adapter, so I would tend to shy away from them and the very cheapest of the flange-less adapters.

I guess the bottom line is stay away from the flanged adapters (unless you have a specialty close focus only application), and it's probably wise to avoid the cheapest adapters, but there are quality third party adapters out there that are worth a look.

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