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I try to focus ('scuse the pun) on taking good pictures: good compositions and optimized settings rather than fire away in burst mode at anything that moves. Besides ending up with fewer post vacation pictures, it allows me to enjoy vacations by taking in scenes and situations with my own eyes first; an entire vacation spent looking through the view finder of a camera makes me miss the "larger picture". These days, I do not even bracket unless I am planning an HDR merge. I will however, try various shutter speed settings when photographing moving water (waterfalls, etc). And I will use the burst mode if I am photographing some action sequence...typically not common during vacations.

So my solution is to take fewer, but good images.

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Here's how I do it. First of all (I work for a local newspaper) I don't shoot RAW based on a work requirement that my images are in the form of jpegs. As soon as I have a chance either daily on vacation or when I get home I get the photos uploaded to my laptops hard drive. I make sure f I upload multi times on vacation that I use some kind of system to keep the batches in order.

I then use MS Picture Manager and quickly run through the photos deleting the ones I want to get rid of and rotating any that need that done. I may also crop if needed at this point. I then edit any photos that need editing in Photo Shop Elements currently using version 7.0 but have version 10 on the way. Then I use the batch rename panel and save the images to my own settings (new folder jpeg res of my choice high or max) etc. Then I burn them to DVD and back-up on my current photo drive.

If I am doing something where I have 100s of images that need rotated like when I shoot high school graduation and go for portrait orientation vs landscape I will do that as a batch action in Photo Shop.

I have yet to use lightroom as I dislike the fact I have to import the images to a catalog in order to work on them. I like to tell the photos where I want them and not in some Adobe catalog. It always concerned and bothered me to no end me that I would have a catalog I could not get rid of that would fill up my internal hard drive in a few months when I really want my photos anywhere but on my internal drive. I put mine on hard drives in netgear storage server and DVDs. This may not bother someone who takes a low volume of photos but if you take 100s of photos a week it can really add up quickly and over run your system. So in order to control this I still use Elements for all my editing etc. At least with it I can easily empty what I have imported and put the files where I want them and not have a catalog sitting there eating up hard drive space.

This may seem like it takes a long time but it goes much faster than you think. The object is to try to get good photos out in the field and not have to edit everything. The less I have to edit in Photo Shop the faster this goes.

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Dave, actually LR isn't like iPhoto - while LR is a database system, and you do have to "import" the pictures in the database, the files themselves can be stored anywhere. I have very few pictures on my internal hard drive, almost all of them are stored elsewhere (though I do use LR to copy the pictures from the card to the external hard drive where I want them). I have a LR catalog for each of my storage hard drives (several 1 TB drives, I have a docking station) and then one that I use as my working catalog (as soon as I process a picture I delete it from the catalog. That keeps me from processing the same picture twice). The catalog I have for a full 1 TB hard drive is less than 1GB, and even that doesn't have to be on my hard drive (though mine are, it's easier for me if I want to go find a photo).

I found LR relatively easy to learn, certainly easier than Photoshop, which I'm still learning to use. While I now find it reasonably intuitive, that's because I read a book and watched a couple of tutorial videos about it. And I love the new map module, I don't have to use a separate program to match a GPS track to a set of pictures. LR4 can do it.
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Thanks everyone, some very sound advice!

It does look as if I'm just going to have to learn to discard more. I do have a habit of applying PP to the majority of my photos. So possibly using Ira's suggestion of RAW + JPEG and then only working on the real keepers (or Ed's suggestion of "instant jpeg from RAW" - which I have but seldom use).

When on holiday I tend to take the netbook, to save weight and space (as hand baggage on flights includes the camera). Not enough oomph! to do any PP but could use to delete the definite rubbish.

Not sure I could take fewer photos, I always took loads when shooting film - cost a fortune in processing!!! I do try to only take 1 photo of any given subject. In the early days of digital I'd often take 2 or 3 identical photos, just in case!

Finally I also use LR and have found it very easy to use - at least for the simple "tweaking" of photos. I don't use the Catalog so probably too late now to start.

So, thanks again to everybody. What a great forum this is!

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