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Default So, what do you do?

I suppose the question relates to taking photos when on a trip.

When on holiday I seem to end up taking several hundred shots per day (on average). And. of course, shooting in RAW means I have to do PP on all of them. OK, perhaps not all as there are usually a good few that are totally our of focus or blurred. But with tools like Lightroom, shots that once I would have thrown away can be rescued. They might not win a prize for quality but are easily good enough as a holiday photo. Add to that the extra photos where, for whatever reason, you take 2 or 3 identical shots with different settings, just in case ...

Which means that when I get home I've usually got a couple of thousand photos that need looking at. Unfortunately, my time management abilities are fairly non-existent so it takes weeks or even months (confession time - I still haven't finished my US photos from last May!!!) to review the photos, do some PP and then upload the least worst to Flickr.

So the question is, how do you all cope with holiday "snaps"? And what do you do with them afterwards?

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I use "Instant JPEG from Raw" program to create JPEGs next to all Raw images. Can use JPEGs for quick casual use. The program is a free download. You can go to this site http://michaeltapesdesign.com/instan...-from-raw.html or do a search. It will convert 300 RAW images in about a minute.

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Normally when I get home I make a quick selection , adjust and put them on the internet. But then I want to review the selection and make a photobook and ... this takes me month's.

This year I hadn't even started with the pictures from last summer vacation. When I heard that you could make blurb photobooks with it. So as soon as I could I got the LR4 and I'm really happy with it.
It works a lot better than blurb own version.

So normally holliday pictures are rather fast put on the internet and ... put in a photobook. I hope my next will take less time but I really don't believe it.

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I go through the shots I take every day of the vacation and get home with only the good ones. The family then decides a few special ones to print and the rest are archived. I tend not to shoot much RAW on vacation. Only where I need it in low light. My other rule is "don't take my DSLR" unless it's just my wife and me. With the kids, I feel they are cumbersome, require fiddling around with and take time away from family fun to use, but that's just me.
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I must confess that although we always shoot RAW with the 6 MP Pentaxes (DL, DS and K100D Super) I seldom shoot RAW with the K20D. This speeds up my processing time. With cheap memory cards I can shoot RAW+jpeg and only use the RAW files if the image needs tweaking.

As for workflow I use Picasa for most of my web-only images and only use Lightroom and PSE6 for images I want to print or which need extra work. I also do not shoot as many images on vacation any more, I go for personal images of friends and family in the environment and only shoot some street-type images and an occasional "different" view of local landmarks.

Sorry, somewhat OT: Since buying an Olympus Pen the K-01 is making more sense to me. On vacation I find using the LCD less distracting TO ME! I can see more of the environment around me when I don't have a camera up to my eye. If my goal is to get the best images then the DSLR is a must, but for travel where you are somewhere new and want to enjoy the mere experience of being there, a mirrorless camera is a real treat.
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I usually carry my laptop with me on vacation, but mainly because most of our vacations are driving ones and I don't mind carrying the extra weight. So I use Lightroom to copy the files from the card to a hard drive when I import them into the program.

Since I use LR for my organization, it doesn't matter to me whether I shoot raw or not - they get copied to a drive and imported the same as a jpg. I quickly go through them and delete the ones that have obvious faults, then decide which ones I really like best, tweak them in LR and export them to CS4. I'll resize them (I have actions set up so I only have to use one key stroke and I prefer CS4's resizing options) and then I have an action set up in CS4 to apply my most commonly used settings for Detail, which is what I use for sharpening after I resize. The action copies the background layer, changes it to a smart object, and applies the Detail settings I use frequently. If I want to change them for some reason, I can since the layer is a smart object, just double click. It means that I spend very little time in CS4, a couple of keystrokes and then "save-as".

I will process the ones I like best right away, some more when I get home, especially if I want to see it on my big screen for some reason and then just keep the rest without editing them.
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I am like Keithw and have been reading what the rest of you do.
LR seems like a very good program but doesn't it take a bit of time to master it?
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I normally take my MacBook Pro with me on vacation, but when I am out in the field I take a Epson P-7000 photo storage unit with its 160Gb HD so I can dump my cards as I use them and then clear the card and start over. When I am back to where I am staying I process the photographs using PS5, or Apples Aperture mostly to cull out the shots that are obviously not acceptable.

I normally don't do any serious processing until I get home unless I am someplace where I have lots of time on my hands. This way I don't need more than two cards with me since I can clear them as I use them.

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Originally Posted by john339 View Post
I am like Keithw and have been reading what the rest of you do.
LR seems like a very good program but doesn't it take a bit of time to master it?
You're right it takes a bit of time to master, but it's a lot easier (imho) than other raw converters.

Before getting the last version of LR I tried some of the competition, corel aftershot pro, darkroom(on linux), and LR was the winner.

If you want to go for something to only organise your images there is always IMATCH, what I really liked but it has no adjustments and is not really easier than LR.

Just my 5c

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I will have a laptop with me but the trick is .. be ruthless !

Cull in camera, cull on the laptop (via a viewer) and then cull again when importing into A3 or LR4 or whatever you use. Keep family interest shots and your star shots only. Ask yourself honestly if you will show it or print it, if the answer is no to each of those then hit the delete button.
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