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Default High Iso Black Crowned Night Herons

Hi All,

Haven't posted much lately. . . Birds seem to be pretty scarce around here for some reason, and the weather seems to have been shifting between winter and summer since March. . . too weird.

I spotted two different BCNHs on different days at the same spot. Lighting wasn't great, or even good. . .Luckily I had my K-5 with me, because I needed to shoot at @ 500mm and only had the FA*300/4.5 and F1.7x AFA with me.

The first two shots are at ISO 1250 and the second two at ISO 10,000. I wanted at least 1/200 shutter speed because it was windy both days and I had to shoot totally unsupported handheld. All of these shots have been PP'd pretty heavily with Topaz Denoise and InFocus and downsized. They were shot in jpeg *** Natural with Sharpness turned down to -4 as this is my default.

I couldn't get results anywhere close to the 1250 shots with my K-7 at 800, and the 10K shots were a real surprise.

The first one is a full adult and the second has yet to get it's full adult feathers (note the streaks on its chest and the gray feathers on its back) Also the second one somehow lost a toe. . .

Attached Images
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Very nice! I've found that up to 12,800 can give reasonable results if processed carefully. Not as good as lower ISOs but still acceptable. Interesting how the juvenile has a missing toe, wonder if that will limit him as an adult.
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Old May 17, 2012, 2:37 PM   #3
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great pictures, and great work with the noise. Congratulations.


Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Interesting how the juvenile has a missing toe, wonder if that will limit him as an adult.

Exactly the same question crossed my mind.
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Excellent work - I limit my K5s to 3,200 - maybe I'll have to up that limit !

Can't imagine the loss of a single toe would hinder a heron !
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#3 is my favorite..
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Impressive photos - both impressive for the high ISO, and impressive for the beautiful results. A great machine in some talented hands!
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Scott nice shots of the BCNH. This is a bird I don't see often up here and consequently have few pictures of them. Yours will suffice for me until I can put my own lens on one and grab a shot.
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Really nice work!
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Those are really nice shots!
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Great shots Scott. You did a superb job under difficult circumstances. The K5's high ISO capabilities are very impressive, but your post processing really set these images apart.
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