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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
I missed Wednesday entirely - the first day that I haven't taken a picture since I started this project. I didn't even think of it during the day (still trying to get caught up at work) and by the time I did think about it, it was way too late to do anything about it.
I like the Ivy shot best. When it gets late maybe it's time for a night shot.


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Simon - The Prius is one of the best cars we've ever had. With the price of gas going high, we could afford to get a much nicer car than we otherwise would have been able to afford, for not all that much more money. Ours has leather, heated seats and they are very comfortable. Our commute is 75 miles one way, and the car is much less stressful/more relaxing to drive than either our previous Honda Fit (noiser, rougher road feeling) or the Wrangler Unlimited softtop (much noisier, much rougher and much more prone to getting blown off the road in high winds, but can be a blast to drive at slow speeds). It feels wider than the Honda and is definitely roomier than the Wrangler. We had no trouble taking along a lot of stuff for the week. Our gas mileage went down on the trip - we drove faster than we normally do and that hurt. We have an over-all average for 9 months of just under 49 mpg, and almost all of our driving is freeway, much of it through slow and go rush hour stuff, along with major elevation differences. We've both been really happy with it.

Paul - I've begun to wonder if I'll make it, time is turning out to be a bigger problem than I had expected.

Hans - only problem with night shots is that it takes a lot of time to do, and I can't stay up all that late, without paying the consequences the following day (4 am comes very early). I want to try some star trails one of these days, but I rarely stay up late enough. As you can imagine, early morning is no problem - just not good for star trails.
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Dear mtngal. If you take only one shot in a week, you shot that week. Keep on truckin. I'm rooting for you.
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Another great week. We also have a new car, trading our larger Mazda 5 for a new Ford Focus. I should say that Annette bought a new car, so far all I have seen is pictures. The Mazda was also blown around on the highway and so we hope the lower profile, smaller engine and more efficient dual clutch transmission of the Focus will make it a more stable and economical long distance cruiser.
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