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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Les, I've been using f13-16 and still often miss things. I want to try macro rails and some extending the dof with software one of these days. I have the 35mm macro and the 105mm macro lenses, and the 35 does have the distance disadvantage when it comes to 1:1. I think I may need to see the optometrist soon to have my eyes checked again, or else get the 100WR for its AF.
Because the DoF is so tiny when using 1:1, or larger, then unless you are happy focusing on such a small segment of the subject there is only one option, focus stacking, and there is some great software out there to achieve this (some of it free) !

Focus stacking doesn't work of course with moving live subjects unless they freeze for a moment and you are able to machine gun in and out (as fast as your flash can recharge) - focus rails are useless in this situation of course, a monopod probably works best. Rails work well with subjects such as Jumping Spiders though, which tend to sit still for s few seconds at a time.

Even all that said it is still a case, with both techniques, of getting off as many shots as you can in as short a time as possible and being reconciled to the fact that there will be a lot of sorting and binning to do.
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My favorites - the b&w woman, the third fog image and the shot leaving Bakersfield. The b&w woman has amazing detail in the shadows that wouldn't be seen in a color shot. And, I too, like the trees through the fog. But, the shot from Bakersfield is most intriguing to me. Where were you at? I'm assuming going south on 99. You're image came out much better than all my attempts in the past few years when going to and from LAX. Always through the windows and the sun always seem to be shining the wrong direction for flare on the windows. I've been so amazed in the past few years of my noticing those mountain ranges and not ever realizing what I was missing all the years I lived there. It was just another trip through the "mountains" that I hated.

As for the image of the people talking, I prefer the color one. But, it's more of three shots. The guy on the right who's smiling at you, the window scene and the two guys on the left. The person right in the middle adds nothing to the image for me.

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I get what you're saying about sustaining creativity. I would try a single subject one week instead of shooting everything. It might let you focus (pun intended) more clearly. We are all rooting for you to finish.
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Patty - Northbound on I-5, before continuing on the 99, looking west/southwest. It was almost the bottom of the Grapevine. I think I was shooting through a closed window - I found that using a CPL helps deal with both the glare/reflections on the glass and there's less color shift caused by the glass. And it IS so easy not to see beauty when you are surrounded by it every day. I on the other hand, grew up on the other side of the mountains so find the golden hills fascinating. But I do find it sometimes difficult to get motivated to find something up here on my mountain to photograph - it's a matter of having a "been-there-done-that" type of attitude. I find it difficult to find a new way of photographing pinon pine trees. Paul, I have done that (my water theme week). I've been meaning to do a b&w week, but every time I go out to take that type of picture, all I see is color. Good idea for me to try that again. Thanks for the idea!
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