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I agree with all the previous comments. Thank you for sharing this wonderful series, and your shots of the copperheads makes me nervous. I have encountered venomous snakes several times while hiking (but never here in New England). I have always given them wide berth and have never had a "close call." Still, they make me very uneasy, and I would not have had the fortitude to take those photos with anything shy of a 300 mm lens.
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I ditto what Mtnman has said. You do have some nasty snake life in your neck of the woods.

Many years ago my daughter was on a summer outdoor school program and went backpacking in Smoky Mt. NP. Her group did come across a Coral snake while swimming in a pond. Fortunately the teacher saw it and got them out of the water and out of harm’s way.

These shots are fantastic.

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Harriet - Thanks for your encouraging comments! Copperheads tend to be rather sluggish and not too aggressive, as long as you keep some distance and move slowly. They would much rather ignore you or flee you than bite you!

Simon - And thanks for taking time to look and to comment!

Travis - So glad you enjoyed the "critters!"

Kevin - Thanks so much! Yes, the dog is lucky/fortunate - he has learned that bears bite, but has not yet learned to avoid the snakes... Amphibians sure do have amazing eyes... And it is rare to catch any of the saddlebags perching - this was thanks to the sudden shower, and being in the right place at the right time.

MtnMan - Glad to hear you enjoyed the "wet weather friends." I too will give venomous snakes plenty of room, so that they (and I) will remain happy and safe.

Lou - Warm humid climates are great for many snakes, so we are blessed with a diversity of species - most of them quite harmless. Never heard of a coral snake in our region before. By the way, was your daughter's trip at Tremont? One of my daughters worked there for several years...
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