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Default How to take a photo like this with my K-R

This looks like a simple picture, but I can't seem to get my picture to look anything like this.

Is it the lighting, Is it my camera, Is it my lens, Is it me, Is it the setting?

Maybe it looks simple, but require many elements.

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Hi raylee,

It looks like a relatively straightforward shot to me -- Lighting appears to be from a relatively tall window to the subjects' left front, and it's pretty unidirectional, so there's probably not a light colored wall to the subjects' right (that would probably add more reflected fill light from that direction) The lens is not particularly fast (or at least not set at a very wide aperture) since DOF is pretty deep, and the composition could be better IMO (some distracting elements in the background -- but distant enough to get them out of focus to isolate the subjects -- and the top of the dad's head is cut off, but this is is all a matter of taste). The important element is the relaxed and happy look of the subjects though, and this makes it appealing.

I'd suggest that you try to recreate the shot with your own subject(s), post the shot here and ask what you might do to get a shot that's closer to the example, otherwise there's really no way to tell what you might be doing that's different.


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A couple points. First, Scott mentioned the DOF is pretty deep - the shot was taken at 50mm f2.8. While not terribly shallow, it's more shallow than you're going to get with a kit lens at f5.6. That's one thing.

The tricky part is lighting - even, diffuse lighting. When using a window the light coming in can often be stark compared to lighting in the room. That could also be an issue if you're trying to recreate the shot. You don't want a situation where you see with your eye a rectangle of bright light on the floor/opposite wall. Bright light makes it much more difficult. This shot was taken at a high ISO which confirms the light is not high powered.
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