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Default Boston and the USS Constitution

I was back in Boston the other week on business. Walked out of the building at around 5 and just said, I am going to just drive down town. An hour later I was winding my way through downtown traffic - GPS is wonderful by the way, and found the USS Constitution.

They were closed - I really did not expect to make the tour, I just wanted to go down and see her. Finally found a place to park and walked around for a couple of hours taking pictures.

None of them really looked like anything special as I was reviewing them when I took them or on the plane on the way back. Well last weekend, I though I would see what I had and with a bit of processing, these popped out.

Needless to say, I am really surprised with the results. The first one may be processed a bit too much, but the sunset for me made the photograph. Used my K5 and the Pentax 12-24......

Attached Images

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Very well done. The first is a bit over the top, but also has the best setting sun effect.
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I like then all but I do like the 2nd one better, all are nicely framed.


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She never looked better. Wonderful shots of this great old warrior. I like # 1 best. They are all HDR and as such a little over the top but I think in this case over the top worked very well. I love the brooding sky and the setting sun and the way the flag was lit.

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Nice! The first one is over-done but I don't know how to get that wonderful feeling without going the way you went. That's quite the sunset, and a dramatic sky. For some reason I like the last one best, don't know why though.
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A good lens in some great hands! Very nice detail and careful composition. Agree that #1 looks a little over-processed, but very dramatic. Perhaps if you used layers so you could tone down the PP a bit just for the buildings, and keep the dramatic sky and water...
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Thanks for the gracious comments. A little background. It took a while to park the car in a semi public garage (about a half a mile away) - valet parking no less. So, I had to carry my corporate laptop, briefing papers and engineering notebook in my backpack, thus I left my tripod / head in the car since it had to be unlocked. That is my largest regret - I should have also hauled the tripod - but I didn't know what I would encounter.

The first 2 images were singles and all were hand held, and in order to do so I had to up to the ISO to 200 in order to get the shutter speed down. The last one was an attempt at hand held - 4 of the 5 aligned well, with the fifth too far off so it was tossed. All the images were processed via Oleno's PhotoEngine. The first image is somewhat over the top, but the color was there. The post processing just pulled it out a bit more, and it was significantly cropped. The second one to me is very much like a black and white with very little processing - just enough to bring things out. I did not realize at the time how much the cobble stones added to the image along the margins of the pier.

The color in the first one is all due to the K5's dynamic range. At ISO 200, I left a lot of the DR on the cutting room floor so to speak. I should have been able to get a bit more detail and color (not that any more is necessary). The RAW images showed none of this potential. I actually though the shoot was a bust. The combination of the K5 and the 12-24 actually paired very well in this situation. A prime would have faired even better. These were at 24mm where the lens is not at its best resolution. Also, I did not wait (actually forgot) about blue hour - I was hungry and tired, so I just trudged on.

The third, I am very sorry now that I did not take more catching the full height of the masts and rigging. I remember standing there almost at sunset after a couple of hours walking around and shooting, if I had gotten all the shots that I wanted. I thought that I had shot everything available from out side the security fencing, I could - so I went looking for dinner around 8.30. Now, I have been sitting here with a 100 additional ideas as to what I should have done after seeing how everything turned out. Also, I have done a bit of calculating and the closer I get, the more I loose the capability of the 12-24 as its is not wide enough. To do what I really want to get - I need to pop for the Sigma 8-16. I could stitch with the 12-24 but then stitching and processing with PhotoEngine becomes very difficult. Supposedly it can be done, but I have not mastered that as of yet.

Also, on the last one, I have found that at ISO 200 I am starting to get more noise that what I expected. I really wanted to shoot at ISO 80, but it didn't happen. Next time....

Live and learn. I should have another bite at the apple the end of August when I have to return for some more business meetings. I am planning the second shoot, so that I can shoot the plan. The problem is that the more I plan the more the gear stacks up to do what I really want. I am thinking that I am going to have to ship a box to a friend possibly.

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Very nice. I like the 2nd and 3rd....but the 3rd I really like...the lighting and detail are superb. I also have a Pentax 12-24 and IMO, that lens can sometimes compete with an excellent prime.
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Loved the photos! I was there last September, first time in probably 30 years. She's my all time favorite ship. My photos couldn't do her justice. Yours did!
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Stunning! Definitely not the normal photos you see of this ship. You did a great job.

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