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Default Week 20 of 52

I was going to write this up last week, but just didnít take the time to do it. So Iím once again over a week behind.

Monday found me feeling completely uninspired, so while walking around my office building, I noticed how the leaves were both back-lit and lit from in front. I used one of the new methods of processing images that I had tried over the weekend, and thought this one worked reasonably well. (K5, Viv S1 105 macro)

Tuesday found me wandering at lunch, trying to figure out something. I was still seeing circles, so I took this picture: (K5, DA*200)

But then I decided to play with the fish-eye, just for laughs. Itís a composite of 4 shots, showing how tilting the camera a bit either up or down, can make a huge difference in the lines/distortion. Then I decided to play around with Photoshop Ė the text interface has been changed and I found it much easier to figure out/play with. Iíll never make a graphic artist, but had fun putting this together anyway. (K5, DA 10-17)

Going for lots of distortion (was at almost minimum focus, very close to the edge of the cup). (K5, DA 10-17)

Wednesday the sky was looking like thunderstorms at one point, lots of clouds around when we got home. I went down to see if there would be a good sunset. I was just about to give up, since it wasnít all that interesting looking west, turned around to go back to the car and saw this to the east. Grabbed the camera and started shooting. In a few minutes it was spectacular looking west, too, but this was my favorite picture of the set. (K5, FA 77)

Notice the rush-hour traffic on the main road into our area.

Thursday I was tied up with other things, and wanted to show some of the things I did on Sunday that were post processing things. One thing I played with was CS6ís oil paint filter. The picture was one I took in Colorado, but I liked how this came out (special effects arenít normally my ďthingĒ).

Friday I dug out the K100 and R72 filter Ė someone on 365 project was shooting with IR film and another was shooting with a very dark ND filter, so I decided to combine both by using the R72 filter to slow down the shutter speed and shoot some IR. (K100, DA 35 macro)

While I liked the lines both of the fence and the raked gravel, I didnít post it to my project. Instead, I posted this picture: (K100, DA 35 macro)

We were (once again) visiting family out of town on Saturday. There were some really impressive thunderheads brewing up in the late afternoon. (K5, DA*200)

I have a vague memory of seeing some artist who painted almost hyper-realistic golf paintings. I have no clue who it was, but the paintings stayed in my mind. Hereís my attempt at re-creating that type of thing (5 shot exposure bracket Photomatix HDR and other photoshop processing, K5, FA 77 Ltd)

K5, FA 31 Ltd:

Sunday morning I took the opportunity to try once again to take a good picture of Orange Kitty (or Orange Cat Ė O.C.). Heís such a sweetie and a people cat that itís hard to take a picture of him (get down on his level and he comes over to get petted). I did manage to get this shot, loved the reflection. Itís got a fair amount of processing but I liked how it came out. (K5, DA*200)

Don't know why it took me so long to write this up, it was a fun week and I enjoyed learning some new things about CS6.
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Great variation again, love the golf shots, and fisheye is good fun.

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There IS something about the first golf shot. Nice tricks with the buildings. Looked like a fun week.
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The photo of the leaves is excellent. Delicate...you can see the serrated edges, the veins of the leaves. Clarity and lighting are really top notch.

The fence and the raked gravel is also an excellent shot. B+W is the best choice...detail is very good. I really like the composition.

The photo of the Chipmunk is very appealing...which is quite an accomplishment as these little fellers drive me nuts at the campground...just sometimes.
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I like your golf shots best, you did a great job with the HDR and the composition on them. The 2 little furry friends are cool also.


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Thanks, everyone! Glad the golf shot works for everyone also - I thought it came out very nicely. The parking garage (that's what the building is) was great fun to take and to play with - great art it is not. I think the oil paint filter can be useful for certain shots and used sparingly.

Les - I didn't have much of a choice with the raked gravel - it was either b&w or false-color. Since I'm not crazy about the false color and I love b&w, it was a no-contest. The original shot is mostly shades of magenta and reds.
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