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Originally Posted by mtnman View Post
These photos make me feel like I was right there. (And on my laptop, they look plenty sharp.) Those guys must be nuts!
No, we're not nuts. Look at the detail in face and muscle tone in shot 1 where they are standing still. Now look at the last photo in the series. Do they look to be the same level of sharpness to you?

These are very nice pictures. But, a big reason of posting photos and asking for advice on photography forums is we all have things that can be improved in our phototgraphy. When you look at the firs and last photo it really helps show the difference in sharpness. Some of the difficulty is unavoidable - you can't expect a $200 300mm lens to produce the same level of sharpness as a $4000 300mm lens. But, other aspects - like cropping too much or letting forum software downsize photos are within the control of the photographer.

EDIT: I re-read the post and see you are probably referring to the boarders as being nuts - not us My bad!!!
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You got some cool action shots, might be interesting to see both the boat and the wakeboarder


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John, yes, I was referring to the boarders. But your reply reminds me to be clear when commenting. Had I said "Those boarders must be nuts" I could have saved you the trouble of banging out your response.
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Great action shots. It's tough to capture this kind of action, even more so if you were on a boat while shooting.

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Thanks to all for your coments. As I see it it is a great oportunity for me to impruve in my photographic skills.

Mole, I will try your suggestion "Irfanview".

Harriet, The tricks they can perform today, are a lot more difficult that the ones performed 5 years ago. They have boats with new technology that can create bigger wakes and more deep, so they can jump higher and smoother.

Before it was almost impossible to do 900s, and they do it now with this new boats.

mtnman, Thanks for you comment. I appreciated that you like the pictures.

JohnG, You are absolutely right, there is no comparison between the $4000 and the $200, but I am poor but , and yes I think that I have a long way to go with photography, but I am getting to the point that I can visualize what I am looking for, but not always possible to achieve, and a lot of this improvement is coming from comments to my pictures in this forum, and you are one of them. You alway comment on my pictures. For me that is really important and helpful, so please keep comenting.

hnikesh, I will post one that I have with both, the boarder and the boat.

Lou, My son was in the boat with the Pros, but I couldn’t get in, I'll put a picture of him in the boat, and you will see there was no room for me.
Thanks for your comments.

I appreciated everyone’s time commenting on my pictures.
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Wakeboard is one classy form of water-sport which combines skill, thrill and passion. Seems llike you have enjoyed your outing to the fullest.

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