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Default Pentax K7 external mic volume

Hello all. Shooting some video with my K7 and using a hotshoe mounted Rode mic. Stupid question maybe, but how do I adjust the sound on the camera? I see the speaker icon but not sure where to adjust the volume for the mic when recording.

Also, anyone else get background noise from external mic? There seems to be a low white noise on video. Any suggestions on how to work around this I appreciate it.

If anyone has worked with this mic feel free to give me pointers for optimal sound. I know there is Gain settings but not sure of the best setting overall.

Thanks so much!

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Sorry I can't help - I've only used the video mode once or twice and never seriously. Hope someone else will come along and have an answer for you.
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The Pentax has automatic gain control, so no adjustment is possible. Seriously consider an external portable recording device if you want to get decent audio. I use a Tascam DR-100 MKII, but there are a lot of good portable recorders out there for less.

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rode makes decent mics.. Of course they have quite a variety of different levels, anywhere from 250 bucks to several grand for a shotgun video mic.

I have a private recording studio and one of my most used mics is a rode tube mic (has a few hundred dollars in mods) but it sounds on par with the several thousand dollar mics I have.

I've used even a few of the lesser priced Rodes with good results. Then again, Im sticking them into a 2,000 dollar mic pre, nice compressor, and into a 2,500 dollar DAC.

Your audio quality is always goign to be as crappy as the weakest link in the chain, which in this case is probably the mic pre/dac built into the camera.

Also keep in mind that a condensor picks up a huge range of noise. When Im recording in my studio, I have to cut the ac off because you can literally hear a footstep like a shotgun blast.

The noise could be frequencies crossing, a lack of a decent pre in the camera, a mix of both, or just white noise from the normal ambience/wind etc.

Do you have a a pop filter or windsock on the mic? This will prevent air from creating unwanted noise on the mic.

It's probably likeley that the camera built in mic was too crappy to hear any kind of sound because everything was muffled. Now that you have a higher defenition of audio, you're picking up the good and the bad.

Start with a windsock but if you want any decent audio recordings out of it, you will want a field recorder that has nice built in pre amps/decent DAC on board. I've seen good 2 channel ones for about 800 bucks these days that would give you the sound quality of a motion flick with the right mic/pp.

P.s. in the audio realm gain=volume for the most part.

Turning the gain down will lessen the amount of noise but also deaden the amount of sound it will pick up so you have to distinguish how much you're trying to pick up.

FOr instance, if you want no noise, record close low gain, if you want ambience, record more distant with higher gain. If the subjects too far back, you'll have a hard time processing the white noise out without cutting the silibance out of vocals.

Hope this isnt info overload. Feel free to message me if you have any audio questions, I've been doing this stuff for over 15 years; from the recording aspect to mixdown and PP.


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