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Default Time to upgrade, Now what to buy?

It has been quite a while since I last haunted these halls and technology has moved on. While the K-10 has served with merit at numerous air shows, in Alaska, on many bird hunting trips, and most recently at Yellowstone we think it might be time to upgrade.

After very little research it seems the K-5 is current king of the hill with the K-30 an interesting option as well. It also seems the K-5 has dropped to about $880 for a body in many places with a new super-duper replacement just over the horizon.

My question is... Should I even look at the K-30? We shoot some quick subjects (bird dogs & airplanes) and we shoot a good bit of landscape. The vast majority of our pictures are taken outside.

Any insight will be appreciated.

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Whilst AF might have been improved with the K30, popular opinion still comes out in favour of the K5.
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K5 - it is amazing value for money and any replacement will be ca. double the K5's current price (I have seen it offered new for under US$800). A massive step forward from your K10D.
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I'de wait and at least have a look at the next gen, If it's out of your reach there will always be a bargain out there somewhere.

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Apparently the K5 has been discontinued being manufactured, so it is just what is left in the inventory pipeline. The $20 2 year extended warranty is just good for the new product and not used, however it is available to cover both the K5 as well as the K30.

I was able to pick one up in January, and it is an exceptional camera - compared to the K20 which for me was fabulous.

I would tend to think that the new replacement will be at least equal to the K5's initial price of $1700. Even though the K5 is now a 2 year old design, for the current price, I think it is still difficult to beat.

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I've read where the stock of K5 cameras is starting to dwindle, if you don't do something about getting one soon, you won't have a new one as an option. The K30 is very attractive, and I wouldn't sneer at it. It would make a good choice if the K5 isn't available. I love my K5 and hope I get it back in a couple of weeks (the lens release button fell off and I didn't see myself carrying around a straightened paper clip to use whenever I wanted to change lenses). I'm figuring on the K5's replacement being beyond my means and not enough gain for me to jump on one right away. So in your shoes I'd be writing out a check for a K5 if I could still get a new one, or a K30 if not.
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Theres a K5 on pentax forums market for sale for 600

If you don't buy it, I probably will.. Just got a new lens so im being more hesitant
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Thanks for the input. I had figured the K5 was a bit of a no-brainer for us based on coming from a K-10 and since there are rarely staggering leaps forward from one body to the next.

Seems I will have a K-5 and a K-10 in Zion and Bryce this October.
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Originally Posted by sgarthee View Post
Seems I will have a K-5 and a K-10 in Zion and Bryce this October.
Hiking in Zion can be tough (e.g. Angel's Landing)..you might just want to carry one body.
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I agree with the prevailing wisdom about the K5. My K20 was (and still is) a fine camera, but I was astonished at the dramatic jump in performance when I got a K5.

Please post photos of your trip to Zion and Bryce. I made a very brief visit to Zion several years ago, but did not have time to get to Bryce. I cannot wait to return.
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