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Default Week 24 of 52

Week 24 of 52

Itís been a month since I last did a weekly summary. I havenít done much, just donít seem to have much time for anything at the moment. But I think Iíll try to catch up with what I have so far but I really canít manage to keep it up, unfortunately. I really donít want to quit entirely but have taken so few pictures recently, and the quality of them has gone way, way down. Oh well, perhaps Iíll try again some time.

But to catch up Ė this is the week of August 13 Ė 19th.

Monday found me walking around and not finding anything to catch my eye, except for these flowers on a bush. Not exactly exciting, but I liked the backlighting (K5, DA*200)

When I went to change lenses to the Viv for a closer shot, I discovered the lens release button had fallen off the K5.

Skipped Tuesday, posted one of Danís wet dog pictures from Sunday. I was completely bummed out, spent lunch copying paperwork to send the camera in under the extended warranty.

Wednesday found me walking around with the K7 and the DA 55-300. For some reason this lens works better with the K7 than it does with the K5, donít know why. In any case, I thought this fly looked like a jet about to take off.

Thursday I remembered the farmers market, so wandered around looking for photo opportunities. Didnít find much, was still feeling uncreative with the K7. I did think that the produce looked wonderful though. (K7, DA 55-300)

Skipped Friday entirely, didnít even put up a filler.

Saturday found us once again on the road, watching the sun rise over the Mojave desert, which was passing by at 70 mph (112 kph). Taken through the windshield as we headed east. (K7, DA 55-300)

Sunday morning the sunrise had neat light coming through the window. I tried to take some pictures that took advantage of it, but wasnít thrilled by them. I havenít seen the light the same the couple of times weíve visited since, unfortunately Ė an opportunity lost. Suggestion: donít let opportunities like this slip away, I very much wish I had worked harder at these. (K7 DA55-300)

This next one is actually a composite of two shots, one exposed for the yellow light and shadow and one to show some detail in the bronze elk. Would be interested to know what others think about this, I spent some time on it but donít think it really works right. Or does it, and I just worked on it too much and have lost my perspective on it? I think it falls into the ďalmostĒ category Ė a neat idea but it doesnít quite work as a picture? Perhaps if I crop it on the right (distracting elements) Ė think I was too focused on the rule of thirds. (K7 DA55-300)

I ended up playing it safe and posting a picture of Orange Kitty, even though this picture has faults, too. But who can resist a darling, friendly cat? (K7, DA55-300)

So ended the week, sad that my K5 had departed for Arizona and grateful that I had bought the extended warranty. There had been a sensor spot I hadnít been able to get off with the rocket blower so at least I no longer have to worry about trying to wet-clean it myself.
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Keep up the good work. This is a great project to watch.

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The fly on the leaf is an excellent shot. Unique. Really like it. Frame worthy, IMHO.

I find my 55-300 a versatile lens and considering it's only a consumer lens...have really been impressed with it over the years.
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Awesome series Harriet! I think my favorite is that vivid sunrise, what a stellar shot.
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I happen to like the shot of the glassware with the warm reflective light. I would have liked it more if the objects were not cut off but the lighting was marvelous. I also liked the fly on the runway.

I think that the project was very ambitious and you did a fine job with it even if you don't finish. I for one (and I am retired) wouldn't want to take it on. For me photography is a fun thing, if it became to work like it would lose its joy.

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Another great set of images, love the produce and I like the detail and lighting on the last three images.
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Thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate it.

It was interesting to transition back to the K7, after a week or two I remember why I was willing to be a fairly early adopter of the K5. But the K5 tends to show up the faults with the 55-300, while the K7 is more forgiving, I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked some of the pictures I took with it. It helps that it is a small and light lens.

I agree with you, Lou, about the bottles. But the better shot wasn't really there since I was shooting through the glass on the side of a curio cabinet, and so didn't have a clear shot. I didn't have any other angle to get the bottles I wanted with the light the way it was, and I didn't work hard enough to figure out a better way of shooting (I WAS using a zoom lens and had room to back up/change location).

NMRecording - While I really liked the colors, there's some distortion because of shooting through the windshield and a certain amount of motion blur (you can see it in the Joshua Tree, especially). But I was rather pleased considering the conditions, it came out better than I had expected. Now I wish I had been able to stop and take a picture properly, but there was no place to stop (or at least not legally and one where I would be willing to, too much traffic on that route early in the morning).

No reaction to the elk picture? If it's an "almost" photo, let me know as I'm thinking it is. Also if there's a way to improve it, I'm open for suggestions (I haven't tried the crop I suggested above yet).
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