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Default Week 25 of 52

August 20 Ė August 26

Still way behind. Also, I'm taking fewer and fewer pictures, as you'll see below.

I was still watching the lynda.com video on CS6 Essentials this week. Instead of taking pictures Monday and Tuesday, I played around with text and some techniques in Photoshop. Iíll never make a graphics artist, but had fun playing around with various layer styles and text options Ė Iíve always thought that learning how to use Photoshop more effectively just as important as taking pictures.

Monday I posted this not very good picture. I should have chosen a different snow picture, I think. But I learned quite a bit from doing this one. And itís how I feel about the weather (still do, while its been a bit cooler, it isnít enough to think that its anything but summer).

By Tuesday I had a better idea of how things work. Some of my happiest times as I grew up were spent at Girl Scout summer camps, and they always ended the evening campfires with Taps. This mountain sunset brought the words to mind.

I wasnít feeling very well when I woke up on Wednesday so stayed home. In the afternoon, as I started to feel better, I decided to play around with drops again. I was really unhappy with what I took the previous time Ė forgot to turn off SR. This time I did that first thing, and didnít have any softness with any of the pictures.

Thought this one looked like an ash-tray or a bowl (K7, Vivitar Series One 105 Macro)

Liked the ripples seen both in the water drop and the water surface.

Iíve seen people that use food coloring to dye the water and have drops of different colors. I didnít have any food dye, but I did have the Gatorade that I was drinking.

I had a number of other ones that I thought were really good, thereís too many to post here. So if you are interested, they start here: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p487897818/e402b4ad8 . If you check them out, make sure you look closely at the last one. At first glance it doesnít offer all that much, but you can see the reflection of the lettering on the side of the drop Ė I was amazed at that.

I didnít take pictures on Thursday or Friday, posting one of the water drops Thursday and a picture from Saturday on Friday.

I went for a short hike on Saturday, taking both the K100 and the K7. I had taken some pictures with the K100 and R72 filter along the drive to the trailhead, but what really caught my eye was a backlit bush that looked like it was covered with small white something. I couldnít come up with what flowers they might be, so I got closer to check it out. It wasnít flowers at all Ė the bush was covered with these fuzzy things, which looked white in the back-lighting. (K7, Viv 105 macro)

Two pictures taken with the K100, R72 filter and 24 f2.8 (a K lens):

I thought it was interesting that you can still see where the trunk of this tree was burned back in 2006 when the Day Fire went through this area.

This last one is probably only interesting to me and Iím not entirely happy with it. It was interesting to me in that I used Photoshopís feature that aligns layers by features. The b&w was taken with the K100 and the SMC24 f2.8 lens. The color picture was taken with the K7 and the DA 55-300 at 55mm. What impressed me was how CS6 matched pictures with different pixel count and different focal lengths, it did a really good job. But overall, I thought overall it was an ďalmostĒ picture.

I didnít take or post anything for Sunday Ė while I havenít completely quit, Iím not even close to meeting my goal of taking one picture every day.
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These are all really interesting images. I love the sunset with the lyrics from Taps. My daughter, who is now in college, was a girl scout in grade school, and they closed every troop meeting with that song.
I love the water droplets and I love the fuzzy things. (Glad I'm not the only one who walks around outdoors and doesn't know the proper name of each living thing!)
The IR images of the pine forests are also very interesting. It took me a while to warm up to the last one. At first I found it very disconcerting, but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me.
I have very much enjoyed your project for the year. I know how frustrating it can be to set a goal, and fall short of reaching it. But even though you haven't taken a photo every day, you have explored many fascinating avenues, and you have generously shared your work with us. I, for one, am very thankful that you undertook the project, and I hope you will continue posting your great work.
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I really like your IR shots. You make them shine with life.
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Thanks, glad the IR photos came out nicely. I have almost a love/hate relationship with them. They either are striking or lousy, little in between.

I'm still amazed that photoshop can resize and align layers like it did with the last one.

I can't remember the names of any plants, so I rarely try anymore. But I do wonder what that bush is, it was cool.
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Great shots Harriet,

really like those drops, most of the time I've seen those shots made from the side. This is the first time I seen another angle.
The last drop is my fav.


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Really enjoyed the IR pics..
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Indeed very nice IR photos, and fascinating views of the drops. Can't help you with the ID of the bush (must be one of your many amazing western species that we don't have here in the east), but they look like seeds that will fly in the wind. The taps evening song/prayer also brought back many happy memories of summer camp...
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Another nice set of very different photo techniques. I like that you experiment with all these and show them here. Many have inspired me to try some of them.

I have given my K100D to my 15 year old grandson who is becoming a good photographer, but I miss not being able to shoot IR as I always enjoyed it. Have you tried IR with the K-5 and with what result?

The I R shots here are very nice

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Great series Harriet.

I am having trouble understanding what is going on in K7 Drop 016860. I see the lettering off to the side on the surface, I believe, but what is the lettering of? It almost looks embossed as if the lettering was 3 dimensional, and not a reflection at all? What exactly is it reflecting /reflecting on to? What surface were you shooting the water into?

Sorry for 20 questions, just really fascinated me.
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Very nice series Harriet, interesting procedures, I will have to remember some of them, thanks for sharing.


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