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Default Week 27 of 52

September 3-9

Monday, Labor Day, found me driving from Vegas back home. There had been some thunderstorms in the desert the week before and the desert was green for a change. I had left early in the morning, before 8, but the southbound traffic was already starting to build. Even so, I couldn’t resist stopping for a couple of pictures, to show that the desert isn’t always brown. (K5, FA 77 ltd)

Looking south from the first exit in California:

Looking north from the next exit in California, a little higher up (you can see the bridge of the exit in the photo above) (K5, FA77 Ltd)

There were even a few flowers blooming! (K5, FA 77 Ltd)

Tuesday evening I went looking around for things to take pictures of around the house. I took several that worked well, but couldn’t decide which to use. So I did a collage and posted it. What I thought was interesting was the light on the dishwasher – I took 4 shots and in two of them the light is dark. When you look at it, it appears to be on continuously. (K5, at least one of the shots was taken with the FA 77, not sure about the rest)

Wednesday was another day when I was looking for something to take a picture of around the house. This time I decided to play with the on-board flash. I put a piece of paper in front of the flash and experimented with settings. I thought this one worked very well – maybe I’ll use the on-board flash more often, as long as I have a piece of white paper around.

Thursday had a wonderful sunset. We don’t often get lovely sunsets and sunrises as we don’t often have much for clouds, so I can rarely resist photographing them. 9K5, FA 77)

I started watching a lynda.com video course on black and white photography. I still haven’t finished watching it (no time, the story of my life) but it got me thinking about tones and shapes. Friday I came up with this one (K5, DA 35 macro)

I ended up not taking any pictures on the weekend, so my week ended with the Friday picture.

Its been difficult for me to get enough energy up to do the summaries, I had been feeling completely uninspired, uncreative and fed up with things in general. The photos reflect that and so I’ve not been enthusiastic about going back to them. But here they are, figured I’d get all of you caught up with what I’ve done. Only a month behind now...
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I know what you mean about no time. Every time I think I'm going to have a chunk of time to do something, something else fills it. Has even been taking me away from looking at the forum on a regulard basis. And, work keeps cutting into my own time keeping me there working on a project.

Anyway, I like the first two images of the countryside. Reminds me of home, so different than my current home.

But, my favorite is the leaf. I like how the shadows fall across the leaf.

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Patty - I assume you are familiar with those views.

For those who are only sort-of familiar with the area, the pictures were taken on I-15. The first one is looking south. The second one is looking north, the buildings in the mid-distance is Primm, Nevada, just across the California border. The brown area in front of it is a dry lake - I've seen it more or less filled with water occasionally right after a storm, but that's rare. Normally the boundary of the lake blend into the brown desert, all that green is unusual. In the distance you can see the casino at Jean, and just beyond the hills on the horizon (and unseen) is Vegas. And the southbound traffic is normal for a holiday weekend morning - its bumper to bumper all the way to Los Angeles. And it is always a whole lot worse after about 10 or 11.
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I remember driving from Las Vegas to LA on my way out there to live in 1967. Back then there was no traffic and better yet no speed limit on the road in Nevada (I think the speed limit stated whatever is safe and prudent). We had to stop at an agricultural check point before entering CA and give up any plant life and fruit we had in the car. Do they still do that?

I like the wildflower shot the best. That 77mm lens is SHARP.

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I've only driven that highway once (in 1973) visiting my brother while he was going to UCLA, it was brown at the time. I like the clouds they can add sooo much to an image, you might want to add them to a boring image later. I see why you stopped for the road images I like them. Like Lou I like the wildflower best.


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