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Default Butterflies and flowers

I've finally gotten through my photos of my afternoon with Lou a few weeks ago. These were all taken with the K5 and Vivitar 105 lens. Lou and I had been using the same lens, but when we viewed his on his LCD they were always clearer than mine. After doing a very rough test of out-in-the-field focus adjustment of the lens, I started getting much clearer images. Although, some of these were taken prior to the adjustment. Guess I need to take the time to do it to all of my lenses. I think my 18-55WR is the only one that's consistently in focus.

Any critiquing welcome.


I hadn't noticed the pollen on this flower until I got home and was processing the images.

This guy didn't seem to scare from anything. He just sat there letting us take his photo.

I wasn't very successful with the dragonflies at a different site we went to. This was the best I could do.

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Nice work Patty--nice to see your work again. #2 of the Monarch B'fly on the flower is my favorite! Nice bokeh, vibrant color and excellent detail.

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These are really lovely! Love the butterfly shots
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Beautiful photos Patty, and I agree with Jehan -- it's very nice to see you posting your work here again.
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Wonderful shots! I had noticed that my K5 had seemed to have occasional AF issues, but it wasn't consistent and I thought it might have been me. It seemed to get worse after I upgraded to the latest firmware, but that could have been just my perception, not reality. I do know that its been very consistent since I got mine back from the extended warranty servicing. I had mentioned it when I sent it in and they noted "Adjusted AF" on the work-sheet. While I hadn't quite planned on sending it in for the free servicing just yet, I'm delighted with the results.
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The shot of the purple flower with the white stamen really reflects how much sharper you got the lens after the camera adjustment. The first one is my favorite and it is tack sharp.

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Nice job Patty, I like them all but the 2nd is my favorite.


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Great set. Thanks for sharing.
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This is really a great set, wouldn't even dare to pick a favorite
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Echoing others - it is great to see some of your fine photos again! Glad you are able to get out and enjoy, and have some time to share.

Wonderful detail in each flower, and that is one amazingly patient frog!

Sneaking up on dragonflies is tough - I have most success with longer lenses (180 or even 300 mm). Using a 105 usually takes me very slow stalking up to their favorite perch. By the way, they have no ears, so you can be as noisy as you'd like!
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