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These last of the season shots are just a continuation of what you have been giving us each and every year and that is a fabulous array of a the species that live in your wonderful park system. Not only with outstanding pictures but also detailed narratives so that we come away from your posts a little wiser than we went into them. Keep them coming!!!!!!

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Wow, some exquisite photographs (once again). Thanks for the display and information!
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The skipper on the purple flower is gorgeous.
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A very nice series, as always. Love looking at other people's butterfly pictures, since I take so few myself.

We had a couple of frosty mornings recently, but it's getting hot again for a week or two. Typical fall weather for us.
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I just love your series Mole. These are superb records of butterflies (especially but not ignoring the other excellent shots) and I really enjoyed looking through them .. more than once !
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As always a fantastic set of shots with a lot of variety. You have got to take me to some of your favorite spots sometime. You were talking about the harsh shadows from the onboard flash which is difficult most of the time. Hope this is OK,,, I will show you a really cheap helper for this problem. This is 2 sides of a quart milk jug and just cut a hole that fits snug around your macro lens. It diffuses so nice with almost shadowless lighting. Just set your onboard flash to TTL and then you may have to adjust your flash compensation for you camera. I have been using one of these for two years and have good results for macro shooting... Again,,, fantastic shots Marty!!!!!!!!! OH,,,these are so cheap,,,,, you can make one for each lens you shoot close ups or macros with. I have a 28-300 and an 18-200 lens that focus down to 18 inches and I have one for each and I also have a Sigma 180 and I have one for it. Hope this helps out !!!!!!!
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MtnMan - Thanks for your very kind words. Indeed, there is so much to see, discovery and enjoy, from the tiniest details to the broad sweep of the landscape...

Lou - So glad you enjoyed the "critters" as well as the descriptions. Hope to see you here in East Tennessee one of these days!

MacBook - And thanks for taking time to comment!

Pboerger - Thanks so much! Sure was a great-looking skipper as well as aster. (Taken with my "new" FA 50 macro - a very sharp lens...)

Harriet - Amazing to me how much the natural places vary across our continent. We too are enjoying some warm weather again.

Kevin - So glad you enjoyed these East Tennessee 'flies! Have LOTS more photos to PP, sort and post, but have been busy with a number of other park projects...

Keith - Thanks for your kind words and your amazing flash diffuser. Will have to try it out one of these days soon.
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