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Default After 2 yrs, Return of the Miniatures. . .

Hi all,

After missing the last two Military Miniatures Society of IL shows, I made it a priority to make the show this year. I brought the K-5 and Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5 DC lens that worked so well last time, and it worked equally well this time. . .

I just set up the camera in Av priority with the lens wide open, spot metering, Auto ISO 80-10000, and let the camera make all the decisions. The close focusing and wide FL range of this lens makes it ideal for this kind of shooting, though the very shallow DOF at these distances does make it a bit challenging. If I were to do it again, I'd watch the shutter speeds more closely and use smaller apertures and slower shutter speeds, pushing the SR a bit more. . . something to file away, and hopefully be able to actually remember for next time.

The first table featured figures that were abot 2" tall -- to give some perspective, I backed up and tool a shot to give some perspective.

This bust was about 4" tall

This scene was about 14" tall, including the base.

This diorama was about 14" wide, and was in a box so the exhibitor could control the lighting.

A detail shot of the back wall

This Blacbeard bust was about 5" tall without the base

This bust is of Larry Burrows, a Combat Photojournalist in Laos, 1971. I'm no Leica buff, but it looks like 2 M3's with external optical VFs and a Nikon F Photomic Ftn. This is a color shot -- the bust was monochrome. . .

I always like the fantasy figures. This one is pretty large at @ 16"

Just a few more, all about 5 " without the base.

Continued in next post. . . hit the 12 image limit. . .

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OK. . .

just had to include a few more. . .

I'd easily recommend that you attend a show like this -- it's really fun and a challenge photographically. I decided before hand that I would shoot only using available light, handheld, and limit myself to one shot of each exhibit because I didn't want to be a jerk since there were a lot of people at the show. It was very challenging to get decent backgrounds since these were all displayed on open tables placed in rows in a big ballroom.

All were shot in jpg, processed with Topaz DeNoise and InFocus. I could use pretty aggressive NR since I really didn't have to worry too much about the texture being too smooth. . .


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I'm amazed at the detail and historical accuracy of the garb. Some wonderful work on individual models and also impressed with the dioramas, which I'm sure are representative of historical scenes.

Hard to choose a favourite....but I particularly like the photojournalist with his 2 Leica rangefinders...btw, I'm a Leica RF fan... ....and the intricate detail of the RF's ...considering the miniscule dimensions is something to behold.

I was aware of the hobby of toy soldiers...but these figures seem to be at a higher level. The expressions of the faces...the body language of the models...ie; Napoleon's hand inside jacket...enhance these figurines.

I'll have to check and see if we have any exhibitions featuring these wonderful models up here.... I've got a k-5 and a Pentax 50mm F 2.8 Macro lens....ready to go !

Your photo's are excellent...your use of DOF highlights the models very well.

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Love these ! Simply amazing detail. The Crusader, Larry and the Russian sailor I like best.
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Incredible series! Love how they came out. I really need to get out more and try my hand at some of these types of things. Should visit a couple of museums, etc. etc. Sigh - so much to see and do, so little time... I'll just have to enjoy your photos.
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Truly amazing figures and shots! I would love to attend something like this.

Thanks for sharing these and good to see you post again!
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Magnificent series, the details of the pictures and the miniatures is stunning.

thanks for sharing these.

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Scott, these shots are great. I remember your last post and these are even better......the air brush work on these small figures is outstanding and your lens craft made them come to life.

I went on line to see if we had a similar society here in New England and came up with nothing. The big thing here is revolutionary war re-enactments. I will have to rely on you to feed me these pictures as I do enjoy seeing these detailed figures.

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This set is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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Those are really interesting. Nice shooting.
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