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Wow, amazing photos of an amazing area that i have wanted to visit for many decades. I hope to see it myself someday soon.
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The enormity of the canyon is indeed difficult to capture in a photograph but you have done a fine job of it with these shots. For me, seeing the Grand Canyon in person and then seeing pictures of it shows just how great the human eye is at taking in an enormous vista like this.

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Very nice shots of a marvelous spot. It does rather boggle the mind when you are there. You did a good job of capturing a bit of that feeling.

The last time I was at the south rim, I was standing admiring the view when a bus pulled up and a bunch of tourists got out. I overheard one guy say that it was such a waste, just a big hole in the ground. He said they should fill it in so the land could be farmed and put to good use. Guess its different strokes for different folks...
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That's what i love about these forums , being able to view places you will most likely never have the opportunity to visit in person .
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Wow! You did an amazing job. I never have been to the Grand Canyon. Drove past on my way from California to Georgia in 1982 when we moved across the country. Asked my husband if we could stop, but he told me there was nothing to see. He'd been there before. Never have been back by that way since. When he's on a mission (we had days of travel ahead of us) he doesn't like to stop.

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These are just stunning shot! I was just a very young lad when I visited the Grand Canyon. These tremendous looking shots sure bring back a lot of memories. Very nice work. Just the photos give you a real impression of how vast and magnificent the canyon is. Well done.
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Originally Posted by hnikesch View Post
Thanks Jehan, we visited about 6 overlooks on the south rim and the river is visible in the first shot of the second set but a little hazy in the distance. I wasn't expecting the pine forest coming up to the edge on the south rim, it helped setting scale as did the people.


hnikesch - you did a good job with capturing the details and it looks like there wasn't too much haze when you were there. I agree that it is impossible to really capture the whole grandeur of the place, it is just so big... I was there in April and I also concur that the cloudless sky, while beautiful, doesn't make the photography as interesting.

On the river, one of the few spots I found on the south rim that you can see the river at is Desert View Tower at the Eastern entrance to the park. My favorite shot from the trip was taken there at the end of a cloudy day, here's a link http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6997405662/ ... not going to post it as this is your thread and this is the pentax forum
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Having something in the foreground lends a sense of perspective which would be lacking without it. The first shot is especially effective - almost 3-dimensional. Nicely done.
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