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Brian - Nope. It's not the display. I've had problems with not being able to run Elements 7 or 8 on it for over a month now. The minute I open it I get a blue screen. Finally just took it off the computer. Then, during the hurricane a month or so ago, my son was watching movies on it by battery. It just stopped at one point. We figured the battery had died. But, when I turned it back on, first it wouldn't start at all. Then, after a few attempts, it finally booted up to the desktop. But, nothing would work. Couldn't even click on the Start button to turn it off. Had to use the power button. Brought it into the shop and it worked fine for them...... of course. They ran a few diagnostics, but weren't finding any problems. But, said from the problems I was having they were suspecting I either needed a clean install of Windows or maybe my hard drive or mother board were getting ready to go.

It still has times where nothing will work when I turn it on. But, not as often as before. Although, I did keep having issues with it not liking my AV - (Norton provided by comcast) for a week or so. It wouldn't let me update it. Finally uninstalled it and started from scratch with that. On the reboot of reinstallation I got another blue screen. Turned it back on, got to desktop, nothing would work. Turned it off and on again (with a 10 minute wait in between) and it has worked mostly okay since. Just everyone once in a while, it takes a few times of selecting an icon to get something open. And, I'm waiting a good five minutes between attempts. So, that's not it.

I also have two recent Windows updates that will not update. They attempt, then fail. I even went to the webpage and tried. Still fail.

Anyway, my new laptop should be shipping tomorrow. Noticed turkey day that the price of the one I selected was $100 less. Got in touch with them, and they will give me a refund once it ships.

I think once I get the new one running I'll reload Windows on this one and see how it goes. But, the guys at the shop seem to think something is getting ready to go on me. It is five years old and has served me well. And, I'd been thinking of upgrading for a good six months now. So, not something I hadn't thought about. Although, had wanted to get a tablet for Christmas. So, now this is my Christmas present. I don't know that they sell a tablet for what I want anyway. I would really like one I could download photos to and preview them in the field if wanted. And, still at a reasonable price. No more than $250. I know I'm asking a lot.


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It could be the HD or a memory problem, but what I would do first, is run a comprehensive anti-virus scan. You need to boot to a rescue disc, such as the one here. To use it, burn the file to a dvd, then boot from the dvd instead of your hard drive. This is a Linux based program, but doesn't need any special knowledge to run it. It will automatically d/l the latest virus definitions, if you have it plugged in to your modem or router. (it doesn't seem to locate the wireless adapter on my rig).
This bypasses Windows, and everything on the hard drive, and will scan very thoroughly. There is also a HD diagnostic program which should tell you if the HD is not in good shape.
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I know you already purchased one but thought I'd share my .02 for everyone out there...

WIth laptops, upgrades are more limited. The graphics card is built in the motherboard.. They made a few at one point that had upgradeable graphics cards but they simply don't make them anymore.

GFX cards IMO are one of the biggest factors in video/gfx editing.

Also, when looking at hard drives, with the addition of externals these days you shouldnt be worried about capacity so much as the write speed. The write speed is going to drastically effect your processing power as it dictates the speed your hard drive can save/process/load data. Think of having a real fast, nice DSLR then shooting with class 1 SD cards that save the images at 2MB/s.. Your kit is only as fast or good as the weakest link in your chain.

As far as resolution goes, this is dictated as I said above by your graphics card and motherboard and since these are hard wired in for laptops, this isn't upgradable. One thing to consider as well is the PPI. That being said, My laptop is 1600X968 I believe resolution on a 17" screen. I typically wouldnt want to go lower than that as they make some that are 1900 now unless that was much smaller screen. If you bust out a calculator you can figure out the pixel density and if its able to produce 720P HD resolution standards its definitely good enough in my book.

The one thing you CAN skimp on is RAM since that generally takes 2 screws in the back and about 30-60 bucks to get 8-16 GIGS (by 2 sticks)

Enjoy your lenovo! They're great machines
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