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Default Weeks 33 and 34 of 52

Weeks 33 and 34

Week 33, Oct. 15-20:

Started out with the reversed 24 again, trying to see if itís practical to use it outdoors. This first picture is a close-up of the hydrangea thatís planted by my office building.

Next is the same flower taken with the 24 reversed in front of the Viv. There's a slight color shift, don't know if that's due to the camera or the addition of the extra lens.

I ended up not posting either of these two pictures. The one I posted is more interesting (love the markings on the bug!), but I missed the focus so it is technically not very good. Hereís a link to the picture: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p487897818/e47cf515e .

Oct 16th found me looking around for people and street scenes. I was also still thinking about composites, so I put two different pictures (one from each side of the tower) together. I think this is the closest weíll get to hockey this year. I called it Faceoff: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p487897818/e47cf5a0c .

I thought this fellow was getting comfortable during his lunch break:

But the funniest picture I took that day was this one. I took it as a raw file and used Photomatix to combine three versions of it, one processed for the highlights, one for the shadows and one for the mid-tones since the dynamic range was so big.

Iím sure you could think of all sorts of funny captions for it.

Wednesday found me on top of a parking structure, looking for photo opportunities. I happened to notice a tiny green bit of grass growing at the bottom of a pipe. As I was trying to take a picture of it, I got dripped on. So I spent some time trying to get a picture of a drop right before it fell. That took a while and ended up putting together a collage.

If you want to see the separate pictures, they start here: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p487897818/e47cf64a0 and are in the order I took them (not the order they appear in the collage!).

I wasnít feeling well on Thursday so stayed home from work. I tried the K5 with the R72 filter and was surprised that I actually got some reflected infrared light recorded, the K7 is pretty hopeless with it. It took longer to expose correctly than with the K100, but it did work. While I normally convert IR shots to b&w, I left this one as reversed color and thought it worked all right.

I went back to work Friday and took this flower.

I skipped the weekend for pictures.

Week 34, Oct. 22 Ė 28

By Tuesday I was feeling somewhat guilty about not taking pictures. So after work I went across the street to capture some autumn color:

Then, just to prove that my grapevine actually has fruit, I took this picture. The vine is a concord grape and the fruit is pretty sweet. The birds know the exact moment they ripen and strip it before I can get any. Apparently this bunch must have been sour because it was left alone (one of grapes showed where a bird had tried it but left it alone). They might not have been good for eating, but they were good for photography.

Wednesday I posted a shot that doesnít work, but I was somewhat desperate. Iíve always been intrigued by the shadows of this tree, but havenít been able to get a shot that works. This one is no different, so Iím only linking to it: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p487897818/e49f3e6fc .

Thursday I spent at the botanical garden, and (most unusually) didnít get anything interesting. The topic on the bi-weekly challenge was ďtunnelĒ so I spent the time taking pictures of paths going through trees and none of them worked (too much dynamic range, too much ghosting for good HDR and so on). I posted this picture, but now think I should crop the bottom off. http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p487897818/e49f3f4c6

Friday found me playing with an accessory I got at the same time as the macro coupler, a Plamp. Here I used the plamp to hold up a sycamore leaf, so that it was back-lit by the sun. My keeper ratio was pretty small since it was a bit breezy, just enough to keep the leaf moving even with the plamp holding it. My take is that its very useful but does have some limitations. I'm glad I got it but probably won't use it as much as I thought I might.

I found myself getting really frustrated using a tripod while trying to shoot macro. Trying to get the tripod in exactly the right place got to be agony, well beyond frustration. The plamp helps with that.

Sunday morning found me out looking for autumn colors.

We had spent Saturday shopping off the hill and I hadnít taken my camera with me. As we were leaving in the morning I noticed how the early morning backlight affected the pasture and thought Iíd try to capture it on Sunday. When I first saw this shot on the LCD I thought I should delete it as it looked over-exposed and without much detail. But when I saw it on the monitor I was delighted I hadnít because with very little processing, I got exactly the effect I wanted.

So while many of the pictures werenít exactly successful, the week ended on a really positive note. And it does pay to not delete photos in-camera, sometimes you might be really surprised.
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An interesting assortment of photos. I love the guy on the bench. So casually engrossed in his phone. And, your last one is great. I never delete any photos. I know, one day I'll take the time to go through them all and make space on my computer. I've had the opposite problem. Sometimes I'll think a photo looks great on the LCD only to find it's junk when I download it.

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Really love that last one. Really delicate. I love it!
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Patty - I've done that too. Mostly for pictures that are slightly oof or have a bit of camera shake/motion blur. Often very frustrating!

It's always amazes me how much detail you can recover in the shadows, especially with the K5. The shopper is a case in point - in the original raw file it looked like the sidewalk as well as the guard's shirt was blown out. I could recover detail in all but the shirt. The shopper was very dark and the two people behind her couldn't be seen much at all. It was amazing to see just about all of the detail in the shadows could be brought out. What caught my eye originally with that scene was the security guard's stance and the contrast, how he stood out against the dark store-front. The shopper just happened to be there when I took the picture, I really didn't notice her at all when I took the picture.
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