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Default Weeks 35 and 36 of 52

Week 35 and 36 of 52

Week 35, Oct 29 – Nov 4

The week was significant because they had a sneak peek of the newly renovated Pauley Pavilion, complete with a team practice, on Oct. 30. It was fun to walk around and see what they had done, to see the construction fences down and no longer blocking access to some of the more common walkways. I enjoyed trying my hand at shooting basketball for the first time, even if it was in a very well-lit arena, not a dark middle or high school gym. It seemed that the lighting and amenities were as good as any pro arena. I deliberately chose a seat mid-way up the stands, to see what I could do with the DA*200 lens. I was reasonably pleased with my pictures. I’d definitely want more time/practice to experiment with things if I were going to do this more, need more experience on how to juggle shutter speed and aperture/depth of field.

A couple of things came to mind as I was shooting these – if you are in the middle of the stands a 200mm lens is as short as you’d be able to go – where I was I would have needed 300 for good shots across the court. On the other hand, I think 200 would work pretty well if you were down lower. The second thing was that the DA200 takes really nice pictures, while this one was across the court, the people are really too small for good sports pictures, there’s a lovely image quality to this more atmospheric shot. And I like the reflections.

Wednesday found me once again trying to photograph this building. This is one of my better attempts, for some reason I just can’t quite get this scene right. It’s a roof-top house, quite literally. It looks like someone built a single story house as a separate structure on top of a commercial building. It’s always interested me, such an unlikely sight. I purposefully put the roof of the building in front of the house, to emphasize what it is. That does tell the story I want to tell, but I'm still not entirely happy with it.

I went for a walk Saturday, looking for things that are red. There was a word list for November on the 365 site and I thought I would try to use that for some shots, at least in the beginning of the month. I figured since there was a lot of autumn color around, I would have no problem finding something red. But it turned out to be harder than I had expected. I found orange, pink but not much that was really red. I did find this very nice scrub jay, having breakfast.

I did finally find this Christmas light, either an early holiday decoration or more likely, a string that was left up for the year (it’s on a back fence) for my "red" shot.

The next word was shoes/boots, so Sunday I took a picture of some boots made for walking.

Week 36, Nov 5 – 11

I wasn’t feeling all that well on Tuesday, so I stayed home. This picture was taken out of my upstairs window, and it’s actually a panorama made up of two different pictures, taken from different positions. Both shots had oof branches from trees in our yard, but in different places. I tried to clone/content aware heal out them in one picture but gave up as being too hard to match things. Out of desperation, I used photoshop to align the layers and then blend them. The program got rid of the oof branches but didn’t quite blend the pictures correctly, there’s a bit of ghosting in a couple of spots (I didn’t notice them at first, and I could probably repair them pretty easily but thought I’d leave it as-is for posting here, I might go back to it some day, if I get time). Considering I was going to delete both pictures (rather sadly since I love the very early morning sunrise light), I’m really delighted with it.

Later I ventured out far enough to vote. One of the words for the month was “patriotic” so I put this together. It worked better than most of my attempts at a still-life sort of picture. And it seemed to be very patriotic for an American.

We had an unexpected stop when driving to Vegas on Saturday. This is not the type of “freeway flyer” you want to see when trying to get somewhere.

The freeway was closed for about an hour. It was also partly cloudy, so the light kept changing as the clouds shifted around. There was a fourth helicopter (one belonging to the highway patrol) that circled for a while before flying off. I got some decent photos of it but haven’t processed them.

I didn’t take many pictures these two weeks, lots of holes. But I got to try some new things (sports and photo-journalism) and it really was rather interesting to watch how they handled the accident victims. I had wanted to quit completely, but couldn't quite give up entirely (still feel that way).
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Nice shots of Pauley. I, too, like the reflections.

Regarding your house on the roof, I didn't even see it at first. I think part of your problem is everything in the photo is white. You're right. It is intriguing, but how to get the shot????

I really have to get my camera out again and start shooting something. The most I've shot lately is some group photos for a guy retiring at work. I'm glad you're still keeping up with your project.

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Yeah. That house on the roof is pretty interesting.

For a concept shot, you could use your fish eye or a super wide. Get the house and then still get the side of the building its on to the road below.

Then PP some grass on there, some pink flamingos and a guy watering the grass. Or maybe just chilling on a lawn chair. That would be different.
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Hmmm, never thought of shooting it with a super-wide/fisheye. I'll have to try that, though it may be too far away for that to work. Love the idea, though!

Patty, I go through stages/days where the whole idea of picking up the camera seems to be way too much effort. Then other times I'm just bubbling over with ideas. Trying to do a 365 project is even more time-consuming than I thought it would be, and takes far more discipline than I have (which I suspected before I started). But at least it gets me off my duff more than I might otherwise get off it. Before I started it, a month or two would go by without me pushing the shutter at all. So even though I'm not going to make a picture a day, it's been a good project for me. I'll just limp along as much as I can and enjoy what I can do.
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You are doing far more than limping along. You are becoming a complete photographer with a wide variety of skills. It's facinating to watch your skills grow. Keep up the good work.
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