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Hey, I have Harriet's K20D and a K100D Super (I gave my wife a Sony with all of my old Minolta Maxxum lenses and took her K100D). I have no plans to upgrade. There are several members of my Photography group who own full frame cameras and, although they are great for wide angle work, have good high ISO performance and have shallow DOF, they really don't offer anything I "need". I seldom shoot video (and my Olympus E-P2 is fine for that anyway), and I have yet to find any significant drawbacks with the K20D so I really haven't outgrown it yet.

FF is a different catagory, more akin to medium format than to 35mm film. I couldn't afford medium format in my film days so I don't feel hard pressed to go FF in my digital days. BTW my favourite combination, because of the "look" of the images is the K100D Super with the DA 14mm or the FA 50mm (the performance, speed wise, is pathetic but the images look good). I seldom make prints that are too large for the 6MP K100, let alone the 14MP K20, so super high resolution doesn't excite me and finally, I don't find a little noise to be a problem, if Noiseware doesn't take care of it I do a B&W conversion (since I often prefer black and white anyway).

Would I want a FF Pentax, well yes of course, but would I actually buy one, highly unlikely.
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I've heard that it will be full frame and around $ 2300-2600 CAD.
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I won't say that I won't buy one, but the two alternatives that seem are most likely -- an APS-C with 20-24 MP or a 36x24 sensor -- are not appealing to me, at least in theory.

The great majority of my lenses will cover a 135 mm sensor, so that's really not a factor, but losing 33% reach in my long tele lenses is a definite negative. A 135mm sensor would need to have about 30MP to maintain the resolution that I can get from my K-5 IIs with a crop. It would also force me to use the largest lenses in the stable almost exclusively at a time when growing physical limitations are pushing me toward a lighter weight kit. If I would crop to get equivalent framing, then the body would need to have smaller, more discreet AF sensors to give me equivalent focusing accuracy, so a new AF sensor with maybe 21 focus points would be called for. More likely than not, the body would be considerably larger and heavier. Pentax is not known for making state of the art in-camera processing and write speeds a priority, so I would expect the performance of the camera to be significantly slower than what I have. My expectation for a 135mm sensored Pentax would be that it would either be on par with the "entry level" FX bodies from the competitors or somewhat behind in performance. This would not serve my shooting well.

With the 20-24 MP APS-C alternative, processing and write speed would also be a consideration with the 25-50% larger files. Apparently, the new Toshiba sensors work well, and might provide similar, if not better high ISO performance than the K-5 series Sony sensors. If high ISO performance is not sacrificed for a higher res sensor, then I'd consider it, but I'd not find it acceptable to tradeoff high ISO for res at this time. I can't imagine an improvement in features that would compel me to upgrade, but it's possible.

I went through this thought process when considering the K-5 IIs while it was being discounted during the Black Friday sales, and the conclusion I came to was that I was better off taking the $200 very early discount than expecting a very significant improvement over the K-5 IIs in a new APS-C flagship.

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