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Default Week 44 and 45 of 52

Week 44 and 45 of 52

Week 44, Dec. 31 Ė Jan 6

January 1 found me with an urge to do more macro photos. The snow was mostly gone, and it was cold and brown outside, nothing to make me want to take a walk. So I looked around the house. Dan was sniffling with a cold, so we didnít try to do anything special for New Years, just stayed home quietly and watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey.

One of the things that the macro rails give me is much better control over focusing, especially with my manual focus macro lens. Iíve been using live view far more, zooming in and then using the macro rails to finely tune the focus Ė Iíve been really amazed at how much difference a very tiny amount of adjustment can make, and itís much easier than trying to adjust the focus on the lens itself. I can see the change in focus when I zoom in using live view - it is incredibly useful.

Does anyone know what this is? (K5, Viv 105 macro)

This should help you figure out more or less what Iím photographing, though maybe not the exact object. It always amazes me how different things look when viewed really, really close up!

Someone somewhere else asked me about my focusing rails, so 2 January found me taking pictures to show what they look like. I had looked at a very inexpensive set once years ago and figured they would be a waste of money. Iím klutzy and fairly hard on my equipment, I figured they were too flimsy and Iíd bend them (rendering them useless) pretty quickly. I had been eyeing Really Right Stuffís rails for a number of years. They are made of high quality, precision-engineered aircraft aluminum (I think, itís what they use for much of their equipment). Like their quick release plates and L brackets, their rails are incredibly solid, and function smoothly. They are probably more expensive than most, but in my opinion, they are well worth the extra cost. I donít have anything to do with the company, by the way, just a happy customer of theirs.

Back at work 3 January, I have left the snow behind at home and was photographing a clover flower at lunch. Dan was still under the weather, but starting to feel better.

Jan 6 found me admiring a new dusting of snow near the house. It still seems strange to be photographing green lawns and clover one day and snowy scenes (even one with as little snow as this) the next.

Week 45 January 7-13

I almost didnít continue writing up this year because of the events that happened this week and the one following. And Iíve had a really tough time trying to figure out what to say.

January 8 my life was going along as usual. Hereís another picture of the leaking standpipe (I took one a while ago but without the macro rails). I was much happier with this one than the one I had taken before. Life was good.

January 9 started off as a rather normal day (carpool with Dan to work and home), but ended up in the wee hours of the following morning with me driving to Bakersfield, to meet up with Dan who was airlifted to the hospital. It was like in an instant I became a different person in a different time dimension. The rest of the week was spent more or less living in ICU, slowly realizing that my beloved Dan was never going to look at me again. Hospitals arenít exactly a place to take pictures, even though once in a while something that would make a good picture got through the haze of my mind. But the only camera I had was the one on the iPad, and it didn't seem like the thing to do to take any pictures.

So the week that started out on such a positive note ended in disaster.
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Again, I am so sorry to hear of Dan's passing. I know how tough things can be having just lost my mom this past year. You are on a rollercoaster at times. You have been and continue to be in my prayers.


p.s. I like what you've been able to do with the rails Dan gave you for Christmas. They really do seem to make a difference.
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Harriet, sorry to hear about Dan, I can't imagine how you feel.


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Harriet, I am so sorry to hear this awful news. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I was sorry to hear of this terrible news. Going on with your photographic challenge I hope will keep you centered and help you cope with this tragic loss. My heart goes out to you.

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Thank you all for your thoughts and well-wishes. All of you have become friends, even though we've never met (yet). Since I've shared the good parts of this year with all of you, I figured I'd share this dreadful patch, too. And it's a good reminder to go hug your loved ones right now, don't put it off.
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The load is always a little lighter if there are others to help. Glad to see that you are posting pictures again.
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