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Default Weeks 46 thru 49 of 52

Weeks 46, 47, 48 and 49 of 52

Week 46 of 52, Jan 14 Ė 20

Monday evening I made the decision to remove Dan from life support, and he died comfortably on Wednesday. Probably the worst week of my life.

Week 47 of 52, Jan 21 Ė 27

I didnít take any pictures this week, but did put up a small photo album in tribute to Dan. He hated having his picture taken and absolutely forbade me to post one of him on the internet (which I ignored once or twice, but for the most part respected).

This is one of my favorite pictures of him as I like the lighting. Taken in November, 2007.

He was always a gentleman Ė kind, thoughtful, caring, loving. Not only was he my husband, he was my best friend and constant companion/carpool buddy. I miss him dearly.

Week 48 of 52, Jan 28 Ė Feb. 3

I canít seem to get outside with the camera. Iím not a pro and I donít have the proís attitude (take the picture no matter what). Iíve always done photography because it pleases me. In many ways it was a way I could express my delight in the world as I saw it. All my best pictures are ones where I can relate to my subject in some way. But I wasnít relating to much this week.

On the 30th I had two doctorís appointments, several hours apart but not far enough apart to be able to go back to my office. So I took a walk to the Santa Monica Pier. Itís a neat place, there are lots of possibilities for good photos for someone who is able to see them. I couldnít see anything that day. About the best I could manage:

And of course, there were sea gulls:

Week 49 of 52, Feb. 4 Ė 10

I posted this picture, taken Feb. 7, as my entry in the February monthly challenge (posting a picture that tells a story). It might not tell a story to most people, but it did to me. You see, the flag is the flag of where I work, and it was flying at half-mast for members of the community that had passed away in December and January, so it was flying for my Dan. There were 10 other names on the board, so he wasn't alone. As long as I have worked there, I never knew they did this and I thought it was a wonderful gesture.

Just after lunch on Friday, the 8th I happened to look at a webcam from my area Ė it looked very white, which meant that it was time to go home, if I wanted to get home that night. I immediately left and drove through fairly heavy snow that was not yet sticking much to the road. When I got home, I snapped a photo of the grapevine that grows on my front porch:

Always love taking pictures of the snow. And it was a good thing I left early - they closed the interstate right before I would have normally left the office.

One of the things I wanted to work on this year, when I started the 365 project, was to get a grasp of flash. I didnít do that at all, but decided I would dust off mine and see what I could make of it. Thereís still something I donít have a handle on, but thought this one, some orchids that Danís office sent to me, was at least reasonable.

Perhaps I'll really work of flash next year. At this point, I was having a tough time just getting the camera out of the bag, though it has been going to and from work every day with me.
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That really is a nice image of Dan. You're right, the lighting is just right.

The orchids came out nice, too. Not too harsh on the light.

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I agree with Patty -- that's a wonderful picture of Dan. When you posted the photo of the flag at half mast in last month's challenge, I commented that the photo made me wonder about the back story behind the flag. Now that I know the story, I cannot say how sorry I am for this very sad turn of events.
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You have often spoken of Dan in your posts but I never recalled seeing him. That is a great picture to remember him by.

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A bit late but I want to offer my condolences on your loss. May your memories of him remain with you always. And I hope you continue to find enough delight in life to share your wonderful photos with us. It's inspiring for me to see the variety of shots you take of the simplest things. Reminds me that I must get out and take more. And to never take my wife for granted. Best of luck to you.

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Also late in responding, and to re-echo so many others... My deepest condolences in your time of great loss. My family and I will keep you in our prayers. Thanks for sharing that great image of this great man.
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Thank you all for your thoughts, it's nice to have a world-wide group of friends.

mtnman, I figured you might have had an inkling about the half-mast picture, you made a comment about it.

I feel very blessed to have had the honor to share my life for the last 32 years with such a wonderful man - too many people don't have that type of opportunity. It just seems too short though.

Go hug your loved ones. Go outside and take a picture. Go read that book you've been meaning to or watch that movie.
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Harriet, I missed the earlier post, and so was unaware of the tragedy that befell you both. While we have never met face to face while living so close, I feel I know you well. Words are empty at a time like this, but my sincerest heartfelt condolences on your loss. I know you will persevere through your bereavement, and while the hurt will eventually fade, the memories never will. Be well, and keep up your photography - it will comfort you as it always has.
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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Penolta - I didn't post anything until this past weekend. At first I couldn't, but then I debated about whether I would or not. I finally got up my courage and faced writing up the weeks this weekend, when I had some spare time.

One of these days we'll get together, and not let the fact we are physically separated by an entire county/the entire Los Angeles urban sprawl get in the way.

For anyone who is likely to be in Southern California the weekend of May 4-5, there's a big photo show at the L.A. Convention Center. It's open to the public, and I will be going at least one of the days.
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Harriet, very sorry to hear about Dan, but then you did have many years of enjoyment with him and to me that seems like the most important part of life. I have enjoyed your posts over the years and marveled at how you have progressed into the photographer you are today.

I hope you can pull yourself up and get out and do things that will make you happy, and if that is photography, all the better.

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