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Great shots of a great ship. Thanks
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Originally Posted by SharpShotGal View Post
Would be cool to get shots of this one in the deeper waters I would find out when they sail her again and if they plan to shot those guns off!? Think that would be a great shot to capture those cannons going off.

Nice subject for sure... Very good shots you did a great job even with all the extra...
From what I understand, they turn the ship around twice a year, so as to evenly age both sides of the ship. The "turn around" cruises are out in the harbor and then back in, usually with a tug. The week just prior to these pictures, was the first time in like 130 years that she was under sail. I don't know how they select folks that get to out on the ship on these "cruises", but apparently its some sort of selection process - that is sought after.

Originally Posted by Wingman View Post
Beautiful lighting in all the shots..did you use HDR on the last set?

I shot just about everything on a tripod due to the low light, and I also bracketed. Due to the movement of the ship and the breeze, pulling 5 shots let alone 3 shots together and have perfect alignment was impossible. It just amplified the movement and made the resulting image even worse.

Thinking this through a bit more, I would have now done 3 shots rather than 5 at maybe a 1/2 ev rather than the 2 ev I did. This way, it would have been quicker, and I would have some minor differences, that may have actually been able to align. I did however use a tool - Oloeno PhotoEngine, that does does do HDR and tone mapping, on both sets of images, but also works very well on a single image, while not taking it over the top - leaving it pretty natural looking.

The K5 has wonderful dynamic range in the sensor, so there is more than enough information available with just a single image to bring out the colors along with the detail.

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The first one of the rope is just outstanding! Interesting read about the lessons learned too, something to file away in my memory in case I'm in a similar situation. You really got some marvelous keepers in this set, I'm really impressed with how they came out, given your low-light situation.
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