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Default What would you like to see from Pentax?

I was reading another forum the other day and it got me thinking about what members here might want if they could have input on what Pentax puts out in the next year or two. Do people here long for a FF from Pentax they way some seem to on other sites? Or more glass? What do you all want, within reason of course. We'd all love some perfect glass for the price of a cheap lens

As for me, while it doesn't matter since I couldn't really afford it, there are a couple things I wish Pentax would release. One would be either a 400/5.6 or even better a 100-400 or 200-400 fast zoom. I'm a niche shooter so long glass is what I am after and PK mount sadly lacks many options. To that end the other thing I wish for would be a mirrorless system along the lines of the Nikon 1 series. Would of course have a PK adapter that maintains AF/AE so that any AF PK lens could be used and the camera would act as a 1.8x tc in a compact package. I can't tell you how many shots I have gotten because I am always willing to carry the V1 with a 35-210 and 400mm lens in a belt pack, as well as have it in the car with me at all times. The prospect of something like that in a Pentax would make me very happy and make life much simpler, as it is now I'd have to invest in a whole new set of lenses to get the most out of the V1.

Looking forward to hearing what others lust after.

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I have a K30, Kr, Q and Q7 and what I would like to see is an AF Q2K adapter, I have the Pentax Q2K but it doesn't support AF. Even of it required an external battery to drive the focus motor. The Q provides a 5.5 or 4.7 (Q7) crop factor so long is what I got the Q system for. I currently use my DA-55-200 and SMC-F-80-200 lenses on my Q's to get me up to 1650mm equiv. field of view but it's all manual focus.

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I'd like what would essentially be a K-3 with the now-classic 16mp Sony sensor. I'd love for the K60 to be something like that. But I'm not expecting it.

I'm waiting for a 135-400mm zoom with WR and a DC motor to go with the DA 18-135mm. An f3.5-5.6 aperture would be fine with me as I'd like it to be somewhat affordable.

How about a Pentax-branded version of Tamron's new 16-300mm superzoom? Pentax coatings and WR would make it worthwhile in my book. But I'm sure it would take Pentax another three years to get around to this - and no doubt the lens would cost $300 more than the Tamron version. Do I sound cynical and just a bit bitter?

And, finally, while I have personally never pined for a full-frame Pentax body and couldn't afford one if they made it, I'd be happy for all those Pentaxians who've been waiting for it.

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Hi John,

I don't know if lust would be the correct term, but I'd like to see Pentax go in a different direction with a new body. Perhaps instead of higher resolution, push the high ISO aspect. The 16MP D4s in 36x24 is capable of (to me) acceptable IQ at ISO 51200, which is about 2 stops higher than I shoot my K-3 and K-5IIs. If they chopped the D4s sensor in half, it would yield an APS-C sensor at about 8MP with the same high ISO performance.

To my mind, extending the ISO range would be a better way to go for a lower/middle range body than pushing for higher resolution. A beginner, using auto ISO would be able to get better results with the higher ISO range and faster shutter speeds than with a higher resolution sensor which yields very large files and has a sensor which challenges consumer grade lenses. A very high ISO camera with the features included in the K30/50 could also appeal to K-3/5 users who shoot a lot of available light as a second body.

Alternately, as a birder, I'd like to see a K mount 4/3 sensored DSLR. This is not a 4/3 system body, but a 4/3 (or 16 x 12mm 3:2 sensor) with in-body SR and WR that is natively backward compatible with all K mount lenses. Include a magnified optical VF to give us close to the same VF size as our APS-C bodies, and I'd be a very happy camper. With a cut down K-3 sensor, we'd still have 12MP with the same high ISO performance, including DR and such, but we'd have a 2x "crop factor" for extended tele shooting. I'd also put this in a K30/50 mid range body, at least at first. There were a number of Pentax birders who went to Oly E series DSLRs to gain this FOV advantage, and then 4/3 dropped out of the DSLR market. With further advances in their AF system, especially in AF-C, Pentax could become the goto DSLR for wildlife and sports.

Granted, the HD AW 1.4x TC accomplishes essentially the same thing, but with a 1 stop loss of light. Personally, I'd rather pay $800 for a smaller format body than $600 for this TC. To make it a versatile mid-level system camera, they'd only have to make a 12- 25 f4-5.6 lens to replace the 18-55 as a wide to normal kit lens. This lens would probably also sell well to APS-C users as an inexpensive ultra wide consumer grade alternative to the 12-24 f4. The tele end would take care of itself with the 2x crop factor.

With this body, Pentax could essentially address the "lack of telephoto" criticisms without the expense of further developing ultra expensive premium lenses.

Just trying to think outside the box. . .

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