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Default Some astro photography with the K-5

Hi everyone,

A few astro-pictures from the k-5 with various lenses, taken at various places in the world.
Ever since I took my first milky-way picture with a small sensor compact back in 2008, Iíve been looking to improve on that. Itís been a great journey, and at this time I feel like itís really getting somewhere. This is also thanks to all the knowledge shared on this forum. It is only since previous summer that I started using other lenses than the pentax 10-17 for the starry skies. Using the fast 1.4 prime was a rather big revelation to what could be achieved. It also accentuates the potency for a faster fish-eye prime for this work. Going from f3.5 to f2.8 should be huge difference over a 30s shutter. LBAÖ

Iíll start with this 360 panorama, my first of a starry sky and milky-way. It was recorded in England. Recorded with the pentax 10-17 fish-eye, iso 5000 and 30s shutter per image. click and drag to look around.

Andromeda, Sigma 50-150mm 2.8 @ 150mm 2.8, iso12800, 30s Used the astro-tracer function here; got slightly mixed feeling about it; very difficult to really get it to work well. But, I couldnít have gotten this result without it. Getting the focus right on this lens proved to be the greatest challenge.

Milky-way, Pentax 10-17 @ 10mm f3.5, iso12800, 30s

Orion (on his back), sigma 30mm f1,4 10s iso4000

And on my most recent trip, the milky-way with the sigma 30mm 1.4, iso8000 10s. In the original the mountains are rather backlit from the light pollution. Some effort went into masking them in the post processing step, and increasing their exposure. Some dirty noise is left as a result.
Happy Shooting! GB
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Very cool!

I like #2 and #4 best.

Nice work.
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Originally Posted by billy View Post
Very cool!

I like #2 and #4 best.

Nice work.
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Great shots, this is something I need to try.
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Wow! Awesome shots, and I really enjoyed your 360 as well as the ones posted here.

The funny thing is that in the sky I can usually spot Orion's belt quickly, it's about the only constellation I know and can find easily. Because of the camera's ability to see more light at that shutter speed, it took me a bit to find it. Very cool! I'm going to have to try this some day.
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Beautiful work - thanks for sharing!

Will agree with Billy - including the landscape really adds a lot to the composition!
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