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Default Starting a new 365 project

Since I've been back from my summer trip, I've been spending far too much time online on Amazon and going to stores, so to stop myself from shopping so much, I've started a 365 project. I've been tending to look at my cameras and not actually picking them up, so this way I have a reason for taking photos and a structure so I can try new things. Maybe even figure out how to make the most of flash http://forums.steves-digicams.com/im...ies/camera.gif . Or at least have fun trying.

It's turning out to be fun and absorbing once again - photography is such a great hobby. And I now have enough time on my hands to really work on something, between trips to somewhere (heading out next week for a few days, I think I'll throw the flash stuff in the back of the car, I might find a reason for using it while camping at the beach - fill flash?).

I know we've all rather taken a break from posting photos or talking about camera stuff, but is anyone else interested in trying something like this? Perhaps we can push each other to stick with it.

I'm not sure how much I'll post here, I don't want to bore people with photos that have issues (I took a cool architectural scene but wasn't quite straight to the building and it's "tweaked" wrong, things like that). On the other hand, perhaps you'd be interested in seeing what I did wrong, so you don't make the same mistakes. So here are the first couple of days of my new project.

Playing around with flash, I didn't get what I wanted so I stuck a blue gel on one flash, leaving the other alone.

Fall layers

Autumn colors in a neighbor's yard:

New faucet in the trailer, practicing using a flash in a small space (my trailer isn't very big):

Pretty Sunrise:

What's out of place?:

Not straight to the building. I wanted the falling away feel, but I'm not square to the back so the lines are just off and it's a hair tweaked. But otherwise I like the photo.

Class Attention (or distraction):

Anyway, I'm having a good time taking pictures. And I'm getting back in practice of really looking at things, rather than spending all my time being so amazed at the awesome scenery that I'm not thinking of the picture itself.

Please feel free to make comments and critique what I've done. None of these pictures are very good, they all have faults of one sort or another.
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My rather disjointed 365 project on Facebook is nearing an end ( I started on Jan 1). It has proven valuable at times, and a pain at others but I now have a body of work that I can ponder over in hopes of learning more about myself. Good luck.
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Thanks, Ira. I tried a 365 project a couple of years ago, Dan passed away toward the end of it, and i wasn't completely consistent because of work and other time constraints. This time I am retired and solo, so I can devote more time to it. Plus I plan to continue to travel so I'll have new locations to explore when I need some place new.

I think it really helped my shooting to do it last time - I got lots of practice, tried some new stuff and learned a lot. I've gotten out of practice and it showed on my summer trip, so hopefully I'll quickly get back to where I had been when my last project got interrupted by life.

I think the very nature of a 365 project is that it's disjointed. It's really recording daily events/ideas/thoughts etc. and life itself, by its very nature, is disjointed. And I do remember that some days it was just about impossible to take a picture, or at least one I was willing to process. It's a challenge and not easy to do, but that's what makes it worth doing. I posted some to a diary program I've used that occasionally shows "flash-back" photos. Some of them are terrible but some are good. And they all remind me how much fun overall I had that year taking pictures.
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Sounds like a fascinating project - will look forward to seeing more of your excellent, albeit random, photos!
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