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Hi All,

I have bought the *ist DS today and started playing with it. My selection was always between the DS and the D70. It came down to the smaller size.

While I have not go through the whole manual, I am pleasently surprised by the picture quality.

However I found the DS is having a lot of troubles locking on to object in low light conditions.

I tested it out in in-door (my living room) conditions, and it's taking some time to lock-on to high contrast objects and totally fails at locking on to low contrast objs, such as my wall (uniform white with slightly greyshaded patterns).

As I'm new to digital SLR, I'm not sure if this is just the problem with the DS, or other DSLR in this range, such as the Nikon D70, also have this problem.

If anyone have got experience with shooting in the same condition (in door, average room lighting) with the D70, could you please tell me if the D70 can lock on to uniform colour objs, such as walls, and the focusing speed?

The shop I bought DS from has a 30 day exchange policy, and I'd re-consider teh D70 if it performs better in low light/ low contrast conditions.

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Turn off the Auto Focus in these situations.
If needed get the optional focusing screen and manually focus the lens - that's what Single Lens Reflex was about in the first place.
Except in some special situation auto focus is a gimmick for lazy or inept photographers.
Good photographers managed to take brilliant in focus pictures without it for well over the the first 100 years of photography.
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That is for granted - just like having good paint brush does not make one a good painter.

However, auto focusing speed really is important for very fast moving objects in close quaters. Manual focus is imporssible to catch up with the subject's movement.
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The Nikon (not Nikon SLR log)log had people bragging about the LL auto focus capabilities on the D70. There's quite a lot about a month back. Andthe posts are also very entertaining!

My old P&S seems to fucus just fine in LL. It can manual focus as well, but why? As far as not using auto focus, I could take the electric starter off my car, too,because old cars didn't have them, and use a CRANK! (sorry, couldn't resist!)
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It's all true.
I've had that problem a few times.
I think that's the main difference between the D70 and Pentax.
But I have used the manual focus with no problem..
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