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I'm looking at buying a 1st Ds.I want to have a lens focal length range of 18 - 200 mm (which will give me an SLR film range of about 28 - 300mm).

I'm trying to decide whether to buy 1 lens with the full rangeor to buy 2 lens (perhaps a 18 - 55 & a 55 - 200) that combined provide the focal range I want.

Are there any factors I should consider in helping me decide?

Pluses of buying 1 lens with the full focal range that I can think of include 1) cheaper 2) & I guess if I'm not always changing lenses then I'm less likely to get dust in the camera. But what of the minuses? Does a long zoom range suffer in quality? Am I less likely to be able to get a wide maximum aperture?

Any assistance would be apperciated. Note all the shops I've been to (in Australia) seem to sell the 1st Ds with Sigma lenses. One shop said that thats what Pentax supply them with. The lenses are specifically for disgital camera's & minus the aperture ring. Also while I really want a min focal range of 18, the max range is not set in stone. IE can be 180mm, 210mm etc.

thanks Bryan:?
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The camera shop where I got my istDS had a special, I got the sigma 18-55 lens, and the 55-200mm f4-5.6 DC lens for AUD$1600. I also got a 2x teleconvertor for $260, to save some cash. All seems to be working nicely
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I think you have mentioned the main advantages of using one long range zoom lens. The disadvantages are that the super zooms usually are not as sharp at the wide angle and telephoto ends of the zoom, especially at the widest apetures. Also maximum aperatures are usually on the small side. And some models do not focus very closely. But you may find the super zoom has all the quality that you need.

I can't believe that Pentax supplies their camera with Sigma lenses. More likely, the dealers are buying the body only and pushing the Sigma lenses because the profit is greater. I own a Sigma 70-300 zoom, so I have nothing against Sigma.

FYI Pentax has just announced the release of a 50-200 digital zoom lens. It might be on the expensive side, having ED glass, but I would expect the optical quality to be very high.
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I'd be interested to know how you find the quality of those lenses asI have narrowed it down to either getting the 18-50 DC& 55-200 DC, or justt getting a 18-125 DC lens for now. As I understand, the 18-55 is not a DC (made for digital Camera). Where did you buy yours in Oz?

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Personally, I would go with 3 lenses, so that you can have some speed (wider max aperture) without breaking the bank.

1. Sigma 18mm-50mm f/2.8 $499

2.Sigma 28mm-105mm f/2.8-4 $175 <--- this is a great inexpensive lens!

3. Pentax 70mm-200mm f/2.8 EX $799

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