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wile_e Mar 24, 2005 11:43 PM

I'm considering my first DSLR purchase. I thought I had the choice narrowed down to Pentax ist ds. But after seeing sample pictureson this site and other sites, I don't know. The pictures of the Pentax look very soft and underexposed compared to the Nikon D70 and Canon 350D. Is the softness the result of the Kit Lens on the Pentax? If so, maybe it's best to just buy the body, and different lens?

Aftertrying outthe Pentax in a local camera shop, I really like it, except for the underexposed and very soft images I'm seeing posted everywhere on the web. Ritz Camera now has an offer for the body, and two lenses (18mm-55mm, Quantaray Tech-10 70-300mm) all for $899.

Opinions please?

Catbells Mar 25, 2005 4:56 AM

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dSRL cameras don't process the image to the same level as Compact cameras; they leave the image basically as it is taken by the CCD leaving final adjustments on sharpening, saturation etc to the end user. In this respect, the quality of the basic image from the istDS is probably very similar to other dSRLs.

The reasoning behind this is that if the camera has applied too much sharpening or 'pumped' up the saturation, then there's no way of going back.

Like yourself, when considering an upgrade without the hindsight of this information, I too found dSRL quality a tad soft.

In respect of underexposure on the istDS, well I guess that's down to the user. I personally like a darker image than an lighter (over exposed) image. I would suggest that dSRLs are slightly less forgiving on the exposure front that Compacts and have found that dull scenes tend to overexpose than than under. Shots into the light or with lots of bright sky also require compensation - as you would expect.

I had my istDS for a month & have found it absolutely superb to use. Visit this link;forum_id=80to view a selection of images & I think that you will be impressed - but remember that they are reduced in size for posting.

Did I buy the right dSRL when I could have picked up a Rebel for under £500 saving £150? I choose theistDS as it was the smallest & lightest (important consideration) felt nice in the hand and ease of use & the image quality compared to my old Fuji S602 is much, very much, improved, If the Rebel (XT just about to be released at the time) was smaller & had a kit lens that could be focused with the camera switched off (or indeed a decent manual focusing ring) then I might of gone that way BUT I like the istDS very much.

Here's a comparison:
Histogram slightly adjusted to increase brightness with Unsharp Mask applied to increase sharpness.

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